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Saturday, July 13, 2024

The Women of Wynton's by Donna Mumma

The Women of Wynton's

Mid-Century Glam Meets Murder Mayhem   

Get swept away to the glamor of a 1950’s department store where four women’s loyalties, vanity, friendship, and detective skills are put to the test.   

Audrey Penault once led a glamorous life as a model but now works as devoted secretary to Mr. Wynton. To her fellow employees, she is too vain and uppity.   

Mary Jo Johnson, a wife and mother, longs to find her worth in the cosmetics department, but it may take a while for the shy housewife to discover her voice.   

Vivian Sheffield owns and runs the bridal salon within Wynton’s. She is proud of her accomplishments and won’t let anyone take them away.   

Gigi Woodard dislikes her job as waitress in the store’s lunchroom, but she is determined not to let her secret shortcomings cause her to lose the position.   

These four women have much to dislike about each other, but they unanimously agree that Mr. Wynton is the best of employers and must be protected at all costs from someone who seems determined to see him gone for good. When other employee deaths occur, can the women band together to solve the murders, or will they discover it is one of their own bent on destroying Wynton’s from within?  


There are so many reasons why I loved this book! It appealed to my love of mysteries, it's set during the 1950s. and there's s an amazing group of characters. The Women of Wynton's is an engaging story of four women who have only one thing in common: they deeply respect their boss and they're determined to protect him from a murderer who's targeted other employees of Wynton's Department Store. Can they put aside their differences long enough to keep him safe?

Author Donna Mumma confesses her fascination for the movies and fashions during that period and I share that same interest! I love the glamour that was present during that era, and Mumma's amazing descriptions brought it all back. During an enticing scene of a fashion show that Wynton provided for its customers, I could visualize the attractive models wearing beautiful dresses with crinolines under the full skirts, hats that matched the outfits, and gorgeous jewelry that glittered in the lights of the runway! So fun to read but there's so much more. There's also a powerful reminder of the racial inequality that still existed during that time. The Women of Wynton's is part historical fiction, part cozy mystery but its real strength is in the value of friendship! Friendship that can cross any social or gender barrier!

If you're looking for an entertaining story with history, mystery, and a little glam, grab a copy of this book! I recommend it to all who enjoy Christian fiction.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Donna Mumma is an award-winning author who was blessed with two wonderful parents who taught her how stories enable readers to learn, escape, connect, and be inspired.

A native Floridian, she weaves her experiences of growing up in rural Florida into her works of southern fiction.

Before she started writing, she honed her story-telling skills as a first-grade teacher working to keep antsy six-year-olds enthralled. She believes the best stories grab a reader’s heart and mind and nudge them into discovering something about themselves.

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Thursday, July 11, 2024

Her Part to Play by Jenny Erlingsson

Her Part to Play

Desperate for extra income after her mother's passing, Adanne accepts a last-minute job as a makeup artist for a movie filming in her small Alabama hometown. She's working to save her parents' legacy and help her brother, but the money hardly seems worth having to face the actor who got her fired from her last job in Hollywood.

John Pope has made his share of mistakes over the years. But after turning his life over to God and enduring a messy breakup, he's ready to start rebuilding his career. Imagine his surprise when the woman called in to cover for his usual makeup artist is a quiet but feisty newcomer on the set--and definitely not a fan.

Sparks of tension--and could that be attraction?--fly between them, but Adanne hates the spotlight, and John's scheming manager has bigger plans for him than to end up with the humble makeup girl from the small-town South. Can these star-crossed lovers find their way to happiness? Or will the bright lights of Hollywood blind their eyes to what's right in front of them?


It's hard to believe that this is a debut novel! Author Jenny Erlingsson shares the poignant story of a Southern makeup artist's encounter with a famous Hollywood actor when a movie crew comes to Adanne's hometown. This would give her a chance to earn badly needed money for her family but there's just one complication. She's worked with John Pope before and it didn't end well. Can she endure working with him again?

I enjoyed watching a very tenuous relationship blossom into liking, respect, and finally, so much more! The romance is sweet, the chemistry is real, and I cheered for their brave leaps of faith! Her Part to Play is a heartwarming Christian romance!

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing. There was no obligation for a positive review.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Jenny Erlingsson is an author and speaker of Nigerian descent. After 12 years working in junior high and women’s ministry, she moved with her family from Alabama to Iceland. When she’s not running after her four kids or ministering alongside her husband, she can be found writing romantic fiction and creative nonfiction to inspire deep faith in diverse settings, as well as encouraging other writers. Her other writings have been featured on (in)courage, Live Original, Velvet Ashes, and more. And in the margins, you might find her reading five books at a time with a side of Icelandic chocolate.

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