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Friday, January 17, 2020

Amish Country Kidnapping by Mary Alford

Amish Country KidnappingABOUT THE BOOK

For this Amish widow, nowhere is safe...

Unless she trusts the Englischer she once loved.

Waking up to a man trying to kidnap her is Amish widow Rachel Albrecht's most terrifying moment--until she discovers he's already taken her teenaged sister. Now Rachel's life--and her sister's--depends on her first love, Englischer deputy Noah Warren. But the danger of rekindling their forbidden love is the least of Rachel's worries with her family in a killer's sights...


The action and drama begin immediately in this story of a young Amish widow who escapes from a kidnap attempt, only to find that her younger sister has already been abducted. From that point on, Rachel Albrecht faces increasing danger as she and Deputy Sheriff Noah Warren attempt to find her sister Eva. Rachel soon realizes that she isn't just facing physical danger --- she is also at risk emotionally because this "Englischer" deputy sheriff is the one who stole her heart years ago and then broke it when he and his family moved away.

Amish Country Kidnapping is Mary Alford's first attempt at writing Amish suspense and she has certainly succeeded. I found myself surprised many times by the events that were unfolding because there was no apparent reason for these two young Amish women to be hunted. This book is everything a suspense novel should be: intriguing, intense, and action-packed but fans of Amish fiction will also be thrilled because Alford shows the peace and forgiveness that is part of the Amish way of life that most people find so appealing.

Amish Country Kidnapping is an enjoyable read and I recommend it to all who enjoy romantic suspense and Amish fiction.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author and I am voluntarily sharing my honest thoughts in this review.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


MARY ALFORD was inspired to become a writer after reading romantic suspense greats Victoria Holt and Phyllis Whitney. Soon creating characters and throwing them into dangerous situations that test their faith came naturally for Mary. In 2012 Mary entered the Speed Dating contest hosted by Love Inspired Suspense and later received “the call”. Writing for Love Inspired Suspense has been a dream come true for Mary.

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More Than Enough by Lorna Seilstad

More Than EnoughABOUT THE BOOK

Quirky Fiona McGrath loves her job as a Child Life Specialist at a Dunedin, Florida hospital. As a former foster child, she understands trauma and wants to ensure no child ever faces the same kind of fears she once did. But are fears truly in the past?

Gabe Cavenaugh’s life is right on schedule. As the youngest assistant Chief Financial Officer in the hospital’s history, he has much to prove, but he’s confident he can do anything he’s asked. After all, he’s secure in his faith and has the constant support of his family.

When Gabe is directed to make cuts in order to balance the hospital’s budget, his search leads him to the Child Life Program and to Fiona. How can this crazy, hat-wearing woman, who rides around on a sparkly scooter possibly be a vital member of the medical team?

As Fiona works to persuade Gabe about her job’s necessity, he begins to see there’s more to her and her work with young patients than wacky clothes.

But will she be enough to save her program? And could she possibly be enough for a man like Gabe?


Deep in her soul, she knew the answer. He didn't love her, she wasn't enough. She was never enough.

Once again Fiona McGrath feels like she has been forsaken. She was in the car when her mother committed suicide by deliberately driving the car into a concrete barrier on the interstate; her sister blamed her for not stopping their mother; and now, Fiona's father has been released from prison but never made any effort to get in touch with her. From the age of twelve, Fiona has felt alone, unloved, and never good enough. These emotions have fueled her desire to help seriously ill children deal with their fears of the unknown and Fiona has proved herself to be an excellent child life specialist for the pediatric patients in the hospital. Now, however, her job is at risk of being eliminated and once again, Fiona feels that she faces rejection once again. 

This is such a sweet story but it is also a sad story. Her mother's death and her years of being in the foster care system have caused Fiona to suffer depression and anxiety attacks. These latest developments have triggered her doubts once again and she deperately needs a friend and champion but it surely can't be the person who has been assigned the responsibility of determining her job fate. Is it possible that Gabe Cavanaugh isn't her enemy? Could he prove to be more? And will Fiona finally believe that she is good enough?

Author Lorna Seilstad has filled More Than Enough with great characters, realistic situations, and some wonderful, thought-provoking quotes and conversations. Mama Cat, the foster mother who offered Fiona love when she needed it most, has a plaque on the wall that says "Families aren't like socks. They don't have to match" and there is a conversation between Fiona and Gabe that I especially loved. In explaining her reliance on God, Fiona says

"I love working with clay. It reminds me that God is still shaping me....I know He's the Creator and He knows what He wants me to be. He knows my purpose even when I'm not sure what it is."

If you are looking for a contemporary romance filled with faith, prayer, forgiveness, and even some mystery, you will want to read More Than Enough. This is a story that will stay with you for a long time!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from The Mosaic Collection but I wasn't obligated to write a positive review. These are my own thoughts.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


For as long as I can remember, I loved writing. I even dreamed in plots. I also grew up attending antique auctions nearly every weekend, so history was as much a part of my life as chores on our farm in Iowa, reading books, and playing with Barbies.

So, writing historical romances fit perfectly. Times may change, the style of clothes, the way we speak, but the common threads that unite us remain the same. Couples fall in love. Injustices happen. We fight for what we believe in. We struggle. We endure. We grow.

After graduating from York College in York, Nebraska with an A.A. and then receiving a B.S.Ed. from Lubbock Christian University, I met and married the love of my life, David. God had written our love story, and I knew from the moment we met that he was the one. It was not love at first sight by any means, but I was so sure he was "it" that I wrote that I'd met the man I would marry in my diary. We pledged our hearts to one another two and half years later.

I taught high school English until my oldest child was born. After that I began my career as a professional wiper. I wiped noses, counter tops, tiny tushes, tears, and scraped knees.

Deciding that my children were now older and less in need of my constant supervision, I started pursuing my first love again --writing. After joining American Christian Fiction Writers, I found a wonderful critique group and began studying the craft of writing.

David and I have three children ages 18, 16, and 11. We also work in youth ministry and teach youth and adult Bible classes.

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