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Thursday, March 23, 2023

The Adventures of Lefty and Righty: The Windy City by Lori Orlinsky


Book Details:

Book Title:  The Adventures of Lefty & Righty: The Windy City by Lori Orlinksy
Category:  Children's Fiction (Ages 3-7),  38 pages
Genre:  Children's Picture Book
Publisher:  Mascot Books
Release date:   Mar 7, 2023
Content Rating:  G for everyone.
Book Description:

Do you ever wonder what happens to socks that get lost in the dryer? Join Lefty and Righty for the adventure of a lifetime as they sneak out of the laundry room with a destination in mind: a White Sox game! But with so much to do in The Windy City, will they make it to the game in time? Through their fun-filled day, they’ll discover the sights, sounds—and even the tastes—of Chicago, all while encountering a few surprises along the way!


Lefty and Righty are two socks that jump out of the dryer to slip away for a secret adventure. They want to see a White Sox game but when they finally get to the ballpark they're in for quite a surprise. Those White Sox players aren't what they expected at all!

This is such a cute book! Author Lori Orlinsky uses rhyming text to tell her story and the illustrations by Kenn Vidro are both colorful, playful, and absolutely perfect for capturing young readers' attention! This adventure allows Lefty and Righty to see many of the famous sights of the Windy City and I also loved that there are six pages of Fun Facts to teach them even more about Chicago. The Adventures of Lefty and Righty and the Windy Center is both entertaining and educational! What more can you ask for in a children's book?

I received a copy of this book from the author via iRead Book Tours. There was no obligation for a positive review.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Meet the Author:

Award-winning children’s book author Lori Orlinsky lives in. . . you guessed it . . . Chicago! Lori is the mother of three little ladies, who are small but mighty. At 5’1”, she wishes her children’s picture book, Being Small (Isn’t So Bad After All), was around when she was growing up. Lori also wrote The Tooth Fairy’s Tummy Ache and Balloons for Tiger. Her latest book, The Adventures of Lefty and Righty: The Windy City, was inspired by her daily struggle to find matching socks when they come out of the dryer.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Snuggle Time Easter Stories written by Glenys Nellist; illustrated by Cee Biscoe

Snuggle Time Easter Stories (a Snuggle Time padded board book)

Snuggle up with your child and share the gift of God’s love as you read this delightful collection of beautifully-illustrated stories from bestselling author Glenys Nellist celebrating Easter and the coming of spring.  Spring is almost here––the season of Hope, Joy, and Renewal!  Filled with Glenys’s signature rhymes and adorable animal illustrated by Cee Biscoe, Snuggle Time Easter Stories uses simple language to introduce even the youngest readers to the true meaning and hope of the first Easter, sharing Jesus is alive!  This charming padded board book is the perfect gift to tuck in your little one’s Easter basket, or their car seat when you take them on the go and is also a wonderful bedtime or naptime read. 


This book tells the events that occurred during Holy Week and the days following it, and it's another example of this author's ability to share God's Word in a way that children can understand. Glenys Nellist uses captivating poems and appropriate scripture to highlight the events that begin with Palm Sunday, and there are two little bunnies who get to witness the events that are such an important part of Easter and Holy Week. These bunnies are perfect attention grabbers for the little ones who try to find them among the colorful illustrations that depict Jesus and his followers engaged in foot washing, the Last Supper, and the breakfast on the beach following His Resurrection

Snuggle Time Easter Stories is another fantastic book from Nellist! She has a fervent desire to make sure that children are aware of God's love for them and she's been blessed with the amazing talent to make this happen! I'm always proud to give her books to my granddaughter and this book is certainly one of them! It's a wonderful way to share the true meaning of the Easter season with children, and it would be a perfect addition to a child's Easter basket. It would also be great for a church library!

I received a copy of this book from the author. There was no obligation for a positive review.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


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And if you would have told me then, that this book would one day become a series, that I would begin a second series, and a third… I never would have believed you. The only possible explanation is that our great God is able to do immeasurably more than all I could ever ask or possibly imagine.

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