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Friday, April 29, 2022

Time After Tyme by Kay DiBianca: Review & Giveaway with Celebrate Lit

About the Book

Time After Tyme

Author: Kay DiBianca

Genre: Cozy mystery

Release date: November 29, 2021

Time After Tyme is a fun and thought-provoking mystery about secret codes, university intrigue, and two young girls who fancy themselves 21st-century Nancy Drews.


When strange, coded messages turn up in the chapel prayer box at Bellevue University, the minister suspects a recent campus death may have been murder, so he enlists the help of amateur sleuths Kathryn Frasier and Cece Goldman to decipher the codes and solve the mystery. But when a couple of young girls get wind of it, they decide to find the killer on their own. Almost everyone on campus has something to hide, and the story fluctuates between the rational search for the truth by the adults, and the occasionally misguided, but surprisingly perceptive, insight of the children.


Set on the campus of a modern university, Time After Tyme is both a joyful romp through a cozy mystery and a serious look at the search for truth. The book reminds us of the seasons of our lives, from the irrepressible curiosity of youth to the treasured experience of maturity.


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'With time all things are revealed.'

It's great to be reunited with Kathryn Frasier and her half-sister CeCe Goldman, as they tackle another mystery, and this time they're joined by two young cousins, Irene and Joanie. Ten-year-old Reen wants to be an investigative reporter and fans of Nancy Drew will love her enthusiasm and ingenuity in helping Kathyrn and CeCe solve the clues. There are secret messages to decode, twists and turns that I didn't see coming, and a death that needs to be investigated. Did Mr. Tyme die accidentally, or was he murdered?

Time After Tyme is the third book in the Watch series and author Kay DiBianca has given readers another story to savor. It has adventure, humor, and an inspiring faith message woven into its plot. I recommend it to all who enjoy cozy mysteries.

I received a digital copy of this book from the author via Celebrate Lit. There was no obligation for a positive review.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


About the Author

Kay DiBianca is an award-winning author who loves to create literary puzzles in the mystery genre for her readers to solve. Her characters come to life as they struggle to solve murders and create relationships amidst the ongoing themes of faith and family. Her first novel, The Watch on the Fencepost, won an Illumination Award for General Fiction and an Eric Hoffer Award for Mystery. The second book in the Watch series, Dead Man’s Watch, was a Silver Falchion Award finalist.

Kay is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers, Sisters in Crime, and the Collierville Christian Writers Group. An avid runner, she can often be found at a nearby track, on the treadmill, or at a large park near her home. Her background in software development fuels her fascination with puzzles and mysteries, and her dedication to running helps supply the endurance and energy she needs to write about them.

Kay and her husband, Frank, live, run, and write in Memphis, Tennessee. You can connect with Kay through her website at https://kaydibianca.com.


More from Kay

When ten-year-old Reen Penterson overhears the words “foul play” in a conversation not meant for her, she jumps to the conclusion that a murder has been committed and says, “Foul play? Murder! My heart pounded and my future life unfolded in front of me like a YouTube video. I could solve the mystery and expose the killer! I’d be famous. I’d be rich. I’d be one of those people who gets a college degree without having to go to school.”

To aid in her “investigation,” Reen enlists the help of her nine-year-old cousin, Joanie Finelson. And the chaos begins.

Writing Time After Tyme was great fun for me. This is the third book in the Watch series of cozy mysteries, and I wanted to add another dimension to the stories. Since I intended to dedicate the book to my best friend from childhood, my cousin Joan, I thought the misadventures of two young girls would be the perfect addition. Although Reen and Joanie are secondary characters in the book, they steal the show from the adults with their misguided attempts to find a killer.

Set on the campus of fictional Bellevue University, the story revolves around the recent death of the university librarian, Mr. Tyme. When strange, coded messages are found in the university chapel prayer box, main characters Kathryn Frasier and Cece Goldman are asked to decipher them. While Kathryn and Cece work to solve the mystery behind the codes, Reen and Joanie are turning things upside down in the search for a killer.

There were several things I particularly enjoyed about writing this book. I loved creating the coded messages, each of which relates to a Biblical proverb. I also liked exploring the secrets many of the adults in the book harbored to avoid being associated with Mr. Tyme’s death.

But more than anything else, I enjoyed the all-out approach to solving the mystery by the two young girls. At times, their unfiltered approach to their quest made me laugh out loud and reminded me of the wonder of that special time of life.

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Thursday, April 28, 2022

Perilous Wilderness Escape by Rhonda Starnes

Perilous Wilderness Escape

An undercover mission turns into life and death.

Hot on the trail of a ruthless drug cartel, FBI agent Randy Ingalls is nearly killed in an ambush—and left with amnesia. Now FBI agent Katherine Lewis must protect her undercover partner from the ruthless drug cartel pursuing them across the rugged Colorado mountains. Can she decipher the clues in his lost memory, or will she lose the case—and her partner—for good?


Wow, just wow! Amnesia is a trope that authors often use but author Rhonda Starnes offers a different perspective in her newest book. What if you found someone irritable, and didn't like them until you didn't remember knowing them? Is it possible that your attitude would change, and you'd find yourself with very different feelings? This is the case for FBI agent Randy Ingalls. He doesn't remember his undercover partner Katherine Lewis but he sure does like the Katherine that he now knows!

Perilous Wilderness Escape
is the perfect title for this exciting story that has Randy and Katherine on the run in the Colorado mountains. Their efforts to take down a dangerous drug cartel soon become a race to stay alive and Starnes kept me guessing the villain's identity until the end! Readers are given an adrenaline rush that's filled with danger, adventure, and a blossoming romance, but there's also an inspiring faith message woven into the plot. If you enjoy Christian romantic suspense, you definitely want to read this book!

I received a copy from the author and publisher. There was no obligation for a positive review. These are my own thoughts.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Rhonda Starnes is a middle school language arts teacher who has dreamed of being a published author since she was in seventh grade. She lives in North Alabama with her husband, who she lovingly refers to as Mountain Man. They enjoy traveling and spending time with their children and grandchildren. Rhonda writes romantic suspense with rugged heroes and feisty heroines. Rocky Mountain Revenge was her debut novel. 

Learn more at Rhonda's Website    Facebook     Twitter    Instagram

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Their Alaskan Past (Home to Owl Creek, #5) by Belle Calhoune

Their Alaskan Past: An Uplifting Inspirational Romance

Could their unexpected reunion lead to a second chance?

She broke his heart years ago

But now she needs his help

Veterinarian Maya Roberts has complicated feelings about her ex—Iditarod racer Ace Reynolds—returning to Owl Creek, Alaska. But he’s the perfect person to help with her dog rescue. Now they’re working together, caught by their tangled past and still-unresolved feelings for each other. But a second chance with Ace isn’t just about forgiveness. It means sharing the secret that’s kept them apart… 


Owl Creek, Alaska is a place I'd love to visit, and it's all because of the descriptive powers of Belle Calhoune! I feel the cold, view the beautiful scenery and experience the joy of small-town life. Calhoune also creates great characters, and Their Alaskan Past is no exception. Iditarod racer Ace Reynolds's return to Owl Creek is marred by the painful past that he shared with veterinarian Maya Roberts, but she needs his help and he's willing to give it a try. Dog rescue is Maya's mission, and it's this project that offers them the chance to repair their fractured relationship. What follows is a touching story of secrets that need to be revealed, old hurts that need to be forgiven, and the promise of a second chance at love.

Calhoune gives readers another enjoyable blend of conflict, romance, and faith, and I'm eager to read the next book in her series, Home to Owl Creek. I recommend Their Alaskan Past to all who enjoy Christian romance.

I received a copy of this book from the author and publisher. There was no obligation for a positive review. These are my own thoughts.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Belle Calhoune writes heartwarming, inspirational romance novels set in small, cozy towns. Married to her college sweetheart and living in southern Connecticut, she is the mother of two girls. Born and raised in Massachusetts, she is one of five children. Growing up across the street from a public library allowed her to become an avid reader who aspired to be a romance writer. When she isn't writing, she enjoys reading, spending time in Cape Cod, traveling and enjoying time with friends and family.

Belle hopes her books will provide readers with inspiration, entertainment, and an escape from day-to-day life.

Learn more about Belle at  her Website  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  Pinterest


Book 4: Hiding in Alaska
Book 5: Their Alaskan Past 

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Monday, April 25, 2022

A Need to Protect (Widow's Peak Creek, #4) by Susanne Dietze

A Need to Protect

Their peaceful life is about to be shaken up

Protecting them is her priority

Is there room for love?

A safe, quiet life—that’s what shepherdess Clementine Simon wants for her niece and nephew. There’s nothing safe or quiet about globe-trotting cameraman Liam Murphy. It’s only right that life pulled them in separate directions. But when he returns—temporarily—old feelings resurface. Can she take the biggest risk of all…falling in love?

From Love Inspired: Uplifting stories of faith, forgiveness and hope.


Clementine Simon doesn't want her young niece and nephew to suffer any more hurt and pain, but can a guardian be too protective? Author Susanne Dietze explores this question in A Need to Protect, as she takes us back to the small town we've come to love. Widow's Peak Creek is filled with caring, compassionate people, and going back there is like going back home!  Clementine is a shepherdess who is struggling to protect both her sheep and the two adorable children that now live with her, and her life becomes even more complicated when Liam Murphy comes back to Widow's Peak Creek to recover from an injury. Liam, the man who broke her heart sixteen years ago...Liam, the man who is still capable of reviving feelings that she thought were gone!

This is another wonderful example of Dietze's ability to engage us in the challenges and victories of her characters. I understood Clementine's desire to protect Annie and Wynn but I hated that it was almost obsessive. Liam wants to help Clementine improve her business but their complicated past is a stumbling block. Will she allow him back into her life for the short time that he's in Widow's Peak Creek?  Can Liam's grandmother Marigold succeed in reuniting these high school sweethearts?

A Need to Protect is a lovely, second-chance love story with a strong faith thread of forgiveness, faith, and trust. I recommend it to all who enjoy Christian romance, and I look forward to more visits to Widow's Peak Creek. Well done, Susanne Dietze!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. There was no obligation for a positive review. These are my own thoughts.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Susanne Dietze began writing love stories in high school, casting her friends in the starring roles. Today, she's the award-winning, RITA®-nominated author of several romances who's seen her work on the Publisher's Weekly, ECPA, and Amazon Bestseller Lists for Inspirational Fiction. Married to a pastor and the mom of two, Susanne lives in California and loves fancy-schmancy tea parties, the beach, and curling up on the couch with a costume drama and a plate of nachos.

You can visit her on her   Website   Facebook    Twitter    Instagram

Please check out my reviews of the other books in this series

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Texas Killer Connection (Cowboy Lawmen, #5) by Virginia Vaughan

Texas Killer Connection

To catch a killer they’ll need to find the evidence.

When the investigation into her look-alike cousin’s death stalls, former army intelligence officer Brooke Moore arrives in Texas searching for justice—and is thrust into the middle of a deadly conspiracy. Now she must turn to her cousin’s ex, FBI agent Colby Avery, for help. But with every clue leading them deeper into danger, they must uncover the truth…before they are buried with it.

From Love Inspired Suspense: Courage. Danger. Faith.


Are you looking for a fast-paced story that keeps you dissecting clues and searching for answers? Grab a copy of Texas Killer Connection and get ready for a wild ride that doesn't slow down until the end of the road. Brooke Moore is a former Army intelligence officer who visits Texas for answers to her cousin's death and soon becomes a target herself. The person who comes to her rescue is the man who once cared for her cousin Tessa, but can he keep Brooke safe? Are his actions prompted by the fact that she is a dead ringer for Tessa? Is Brooke willing to accept the help of FBI agent Colby Avery?

Texas Killer Connection has great characters and multiple twists. and turns, in this thrilling action-packed plot that is fueled by a conspiracy theory. Throw in intense romantic tension and mix it with a strong faith message, and the result is Christian romantic suspense that I couldn't put down. This is another must-read story by author Virginia Vaughan, and I'm looking forward to reading more about these Cowboy Lawmen!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. There was no obligation for a positive review. These are my own thoughts.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars 


Virginia Vaughan is a former investigator for the State of Mississippi who left a promising career to pursue her dream of being a writer. Blessed to come from a large, Southern family, her fondest memories include hearing stories recounted by family and friends around the large dinner table. She was a lover of books even from a young age, devouring gothic romance novels and stories of romance, danger, and love. She soon started writing them herself, delving into the genre of romantic suspense, armed with her passion for writing and the knowledge gained from her criminal justice background

Learn more about Virginia at her Website   Facebook    Twitter     Instagram     Pinterest

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Friday, April 22, 2022

I Love You, Mom!: Cherished Word Gifts from My Heart to Yours by Blythe Daniel & Helen McIntosh: Review & Giveaway

Just in time for Mother's Day. Here's a chance to win your own copy of this new book that's filled with cherished word gifts for mothers!

I Love You, Mom!: Cherished Word Gifts from My Heart to Yours

This sweet collection of sentiments from mother-daughter duo Helen McIntosh and Blythe Daniel is a deeply sincere tribute to moms everywhere. Whether they are still on the parenting journey or enjoying the grandmothering phase of life, moms of all ages will be blessed and encouraged by these inspirational thoughts and special affirmations of love. Beautifully designed with cheerful full-color artwork in a unique layered hardcover package, this special all-occasion gift is a thoughtful, meaningful way to celebrate Mom and let her know how much you love, cherish, and appreciate all that she is and does!


Reading this new book evoked so many memories and emotions for me. Memories of my mom, remembering my daughter's childhood, and even recent experiences with my eight-year-old granddaughter. I Love You, Mom! is filled with word gifts that are meant to cheer, encourage, and motivate, making it a perfect choice for any mother that you know. This attractive book begins with blank pages that allow the giver to write a personal note, and the pages that follow speak to moms of all ages. There are twenty-five devotions, and each two-page devotion begins with a Bible verse and ends with an affirmation, such as 'You are loved', 'You are a treasure', and 'You are a blessing'. At the end,  more blank pages allow the recipient to jot down some of her thoughts.

Blythe Daniel and her mother Helen McIntosh are Christian mothers who've shared their knowledge and understanding with clarity and sincerity. This is a book to treasure but it's also perfect for gift-giving. It would be a wonderful gift for Mother's Day!

I received a copy of this book from BlogAbout Blogger Network. There was no obligation for a positive review. These are my own thoughts.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


A magnificent mother-daughter duo, Helen McIntosh and Blythe Daniel released Mended: Restoring the Hearts of Mother and Daughters in 2019 and have paired up again for I Love You, Mom!: Cherished Word Gifts from My Heart to Yours releasing in March 2022.

Blythe is the president of The Blythe Daniel Agency, Inc., is a literary agent, marketer, and writer with 25 years in media and publishing. She has written for Focus on the Family, Proverbs 31 Ministries, Ann Voskamp, and Christian Retailing. Learn more at   Facebook     Instagram
Right away, Helen is someone you know as an encourager at heart. She has her Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Sarasota, and is the author of Messages to Myself and Eric, Jose & The Peace Rug.  Learn more at   Facebook     Instagram


Is this a book that you think you'd enjoy? Please leave a comment on this blog post with your full name and email in a non-spammy formula. (example: Connie (at) gmail (dot) com. Sorry, but due to postage costs, this giveaway is open to those in the contiguous United States only. The deadline to respond is Wednesday, May 1, 2022. 

Thursday, April 21, 2022

The Master Craftsman by Kelli Stuart

The Master Craftsman

In 1917, Alma Pihl, a master craftsman in The House of FabergZ, was charged to protect one of the greatest secrets in Russian history--an unknown FabergZ Egg that Peter Karl FabergZ secretly created to honor his divided allegiance to both the people of Russia and the Imperial Czar's family. When Alma and her husband escaped Russia for their native Finland in 1921, she took the secret with her, guarding her past connection to the Romanov family.

Three generations later, world-renowned treasure hunter Nick Laine is sick and fears the secret of the missing egg will die with him. With time running out, he entrusts the mission of retrieving the egg to his estranged daughter, Ava, who has little idea of the dangers she is about to face. As the stakes are raised, Ava is forced to declare her own allegiance--and the consequences are greater than she could have imagined.

This modern-day treasure hunt from award-winning author Kelli Stuart transports you into the opulent and treacherous world of the Russian Revolution to unearth mysteries long buried.


This is a sweeping dual-time story that spans a century, and it is a captivating blend of historical and contemporary fiction. In 1917 Russia, a master craftsman with the House of Faberge is asked to protect an egg that was created by Karl Faberge himself. Alma Pihl accepts this challenge during the traumatic events of the Russian Revolution, and author Kelli Stuart captures the danger, the drama, and the uncertainty of that time. Then, in the present time, Ava Laine is sent by her critically ill father to hunt for this elusive egg.  Nick Laine is a man who has spent his life hunting for treasures while ignoring the treasures he already has...a loving wife and daughter. Danger and adventure are a part of this present-day chronicle also, but I was especially touched by this estranged family's journey to finding each other again.

Stuart proves that she is a master craftsman of words and imagination, displaying her skill in the way that she weaves these two timelines together. I enjoyed learning more about the Russian Revolution and the Faberge eggs that were designed for the Russian Czar's family. The possibility of a missing egg, and the mystery that spans a century is a satisfying element, but the human connection is the best plot development of all. We are reminded that our true treasures are not material possessions...they are the people around us! I enjoyed The Master Craftsman and I recommend it to all who enjoy dual-timeline books.

This book was provided courtesy of Revell through Interviews & Reviews. There was no obligation for a positive review.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Kelli Stuart is a writer and a storyteller at heart. A graduate of Baylor University with a degree in English Professional Writing, and a minor in the Russian language, Kelli has honed her skills in the written word through editing, ghostwriting, blogging, and traveling the world.

Kelli is the bestselling author of the novels Like a River From Its Course (2017 Carol Award winner for Best Historical Fiction), A Silver Willow by the Shore (2020 recipient of the IPPY Award for Literary Fiction and an NIEA winner), and The Fabulous Freaks of Monsieur Beaumont. Kelli co-authored It's a Wonderful Christmas, a collection of holiday novellas inspired by favorite Christmas films. The Master Craftsman is Kelli's fourth novel..

Kelli is also co-author of the nonfiction book Life Creative: Inspiration for Today's Renaissance Mom with Wendy Speake.

Kelli currently lives in Tampa, Florida with her husband and five children.

You can learn more at her Website     Facebook     Twitter     Instagram     Pinterest

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Sea Glass Cottage (Hope Harbor, #8) by Irene Hannon

Sea Glass Cottage (Hope Harbor, #8)

Christi Reece is desperate. The one-time golden girl's life has tarnished, and a cascade of setbacks has left her reeling. She needs help, and she's certain Jack Colby is in a position to provide it.

When she shows up in Hope Harbor, however, Jack wants nothing to do with the woman who betrayed him. He's built a new life on the Oregon coast--and there's no room in it for Christi, even after she takes refuge in a charming but mysterious cottage nearby. Yet it soon becomes apparent his opinion of her may need revising . . . especially when he ends up needing her help.

Can these two hurting souls make peace with their past and open their hearts to a new beginning?

Come home to Hope Harbor--where hearts heal . . . and love blooms.

Bestselling and award-winning author Irene Hannon delivers another heartwarming and romantic story set in the enchanting seaside community of Hope Harbor that is loved by readers the world over. Once you visit, you'll never want to leave.


I've never been to Oregon but reading this book made me feel like I was right there, viewing the beautiful Oregon landscape around Hope Harbor. This fictional coastal town is very much like my own small town in Kentucky---a place where most people know you, and they probably know much of your business! This can be good, but it can also be bad, and author Irene Hannon offers a poignant depiction in her newest novel.

Sea Glass Cottage is the eighth book of the Hope Harbor series, and the two main characters certainly have a lot to overcome. Christi Reece is a much different person than the girl who broke Jack Colby's heart eleven years ago. She thought that the money and status that she craved were more important than the life that Jack could give her, but experience and maturity have given her a new perspective. Now, she's in Hope Harbor and she needs his help, but does she have the right to expect it?

Hannon always impresses me with her ability to weave wonderful faith elements into her stories. Readers are given a subtle, inspiring message and this book is no different, as she shows the value of trust and forgiveness. We are reminded that recognizing our mistakes and being truly repentant is certainly necessary but being able to forgive is essential!

Much of my joy in reading this series has come from the reunion with characters from the previous books. They are like old friends eager to share what has happened since we last met. It's wonderful to learn that Hannon now plans three more books set in Hope Harbor. I truly enjoyed Sea Glass Cottage and I recommend it to all who enjoy contemporary Christian romance.

This book was provided courtesy of Revell through Interviews & Reviews for my honest opinion.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars 


Irene Hannon, who writes both contemporary romance and romantic suspense, is the author of more than 50 novels. Her books have been honored with three coveted RITA awards from Romance Writers of America (the “Oscar” of romance fiction) and she is a member of that organization's elite Hall of Fame. She has also received a Career Achievement award from RT Book Reviews for her entire body of work. Other awards for individual books include National Readers' Choice, HOLT Medallion, Daphne du Maurier, Retailers Choice, Booksellers' Best, and Reviewers' Choice from RT Book Reviews. She is also a two-time Christy award finalist.

A former corporate communications executive with a Fortune 500 company, Irene now writes full time. To learn more about Irene and her books, visit her Website    Facebook     Twitter     Instagram  

Hope Harbor Series

Hope Harbor
Sea Rose Lane
Sandpiper Cove
Pelican Point
Driftwood Bay
Sea Glass Cottage 

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Unfortunate Homecoming by Sherri Wilson Johnson: Review & Giveaway with Celebrate Lit

About the Book

Unfortunate Homecoming

Author: Sherri Wilson Johnson

Genre: Christian Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Release date: April 5, 2022

Renovating the old family home and living on the quiet Magnolia River in Magnolia Springs, Alabama sounded perfect to Shaun Bartley. But when trespassing treasure hunters threaten not only his life but his ex-wife’s life too, will he fight for what is his or forfeit the fortune in order to save their lives?

After ten years on the Okefenokee Swamp as a fishing guide, Shaun Bartley returns home to conduct tours on the Magnolia River and to renovate his great great-grandfather’s old home. When Deputy Fire Marshal and volunteer fire fighter Sierra Beaumont, Shaun’s ex-wife, warns him about deadly treasure hunters who will kill for a chance to explore his property, he thinks she’s trying to run him out of town. When he discovers she’s pregnant with twins by her recently deceased second husband, Shaun can’t help but want to be there for her. But Sierra’s heart has been broken twice, and she’d rather raise the children alone than be abandoned again.

Shaun must deal with his past and find a way for Sierra to forgive him or risk losing any chance he may have at winning back her heart. Since keeping her safe means keeping her far from his home and the trespassers, yet she is the Fire Marshal assigned to his case, it will take a miracle for them to survive.


Click here to get your copy!


This is an exciting story filled with danger, mystery, and many unanswered questions. Shawn Bartley's return to his family home in Magnolia Springs, Alabama is marked by multiple attempts to chase him away, and a surprise reunion with his ex-wife Sierra Beaumont. Imagine his shock and dilemma when he learns that Sierra's second husband has died, and she's carrying twins! What could be worse than an ex-wife showing up in your life again? How about both of you being in extreme danger?

Unfortunate Homecoming
is a realistic look at two people who've hurt each other and still bear the scars from their marriage and divorce. How do you forget what has happened, forgive the other person, and then move forward? What if there's still a spark of love that you thought was dead? Author Sherri Wilson Johnson shares a poignant tale of second chances---a second chance at love, and a second chance at life. Shawn is a believer who frequently expresses his trust in God, but Sierra has serious doubts. It is extremely touching to follow her faith journey and to witness her joy when she finally accepts that God has always been with her.

"God, I know you're there. Somewhere. I believe it now. If you weren't, I wouldn't find myself talking to you all of the time."

"I'm tired of being in charge of my life. I keep messing everything up---including my relationship with you. I need a Lord. I need to be saved."

I recommend Unfortunate Homecoming to all who enjoy second-chance romance and Christian suspense novels.

I received a digital copy of this book from the author via Celebrate Lit. There was no obligation for a positive review. These are my own thoughts.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

About the Author

Sherri Wilson Johnson is an Inspirational Romance novelist and graphic designer. She lives in Georgia with her husband and their two dogs, and they are empty-nesters. Sherri loves spending time with family, vacationing at the beach, curling up with a good book or working on her current work-in-progress. She dreams of a second home on some beach somewhere some day, where she can plot romantically suspenseful novels all day and night.


More from Sherri

Unfortunate Homecoming is comprised of many of my favorite things: Historic houses, a water source (river, lake or the ocean—it doesn’t matter!), men with beards, strong female heroines who get things done while still being tender, a murder or crime of some sort, and faith! Oh, and a secret that takes until the end of the book to figure out. I love a good mystery and a page-turning suspense. I hope this story is that for you!


This is book three in my Jeopardized Reunions series, which is set in the Mobile Bay area of Alabama. This particular story is set in Magnolia Springs, Alabama, a gorgeous, quaint town with less than 1,000 residents. It’s a dreamy place that I was fortunate enough to visit while on my vacation in August of 2021, and I will return there next week for a book signing at the local library.


My heroine is a Deputy Fire Marshall and a Lieutenant in the Magnolia Springs Volunteer Fire Department. I was thrilled when a Lieutenant who helped me with my research invited me for a tour of the actual fire department in my book. What was even more exciting was the fact that while I was there on the tour, they got a call and left me at the station! I promise I didn’t get into too much trouble, haha! The smalltown charm was definitely present and so authentic that day.


You can see my pictures and video from my visit here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CSuoaEVp53p/


I hope you will consider checking out Unfortunate Homecoming and the other books in the series, all set on Mobile Bay and all written as standalones. The common thread? They are all reunion romances. So while my characters have a past that tore them apart, they have the promise of a future.


I’d love it of you’d follow me on social media and join my subscriber list. I’m always excited to hear from readers!

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