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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The more things change......

I was probably ten years old when I received my first diary and for many years, I was given a new diary each year for Christmas.  I remember hiding the key to the diary and telling my brother, who is 13 months younger than me, to "keep out".  I wasn't wise enough to know that those words were like a red flag and he was determined to see what I was writing!

When I was a teenager I chose to keep my memories in a scrapbook.  Movie tickets, newspaper articles if I happened to "make the paper", pictures of the current special guy, and even chewing gum wrappers given to me by those special guys were faithfully stored in my scrapbook with a caption to remind me why they were there.

Then came marriage and 2 years later, our daughter and suddenly there was no time for diaries or scrapbooks.  My energy went into picture albums with Melissa's pictures and even those aren't complete...I have the pictures but they aren't in the album.

When my husband and I farmed and part of the operation involved a dairy, my way of keeping track of the weather conditions and the things we were doing was the calendar on the wall in the milking parlor.  I have some of them in my cedar chest because they really are a chronicle of our lives at that time.  I was very faithful in keeping those calendars until....

After 22 years as a stay-at-home wife and mother, I took a part-time job at the Fleming County Public Library.  We were still farming and there was no time to even keep the calendar updated!  So there is a big chunk of time and memories that are not very clear.  A few years ago, our minister encouraged us to keep a praise journal.  Each day we were supposed to record something we were thankful for, no matter how small.  Believe me, I have more blessings than I could ever count, let alone record, but soon, this blessing journal was forgotten also.

Now, I am trying something new.  My co-worker created a blog as part of her computer class and when she shared it with me, I realized that perhaps this would be my way to keep my thoughts and activities.  So, today I begin a new venture.  I'm not sure if anyone else will ever see it, but I will and that's all that counts.  After all, I am Older & Smarter.

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