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Monday, October 8, 2018

Imagine. . .The Fall of JerichoImagine. . .The Fall of Jericho by Matt Koceich
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the third book in the Imagine series and it succeeds in both entertaining and educating young readers. Imagine...The Fall of Jericho relates the story of 12 year old Jake Henry as he finds himself transported from a summer camp in North Carolina to the ancient site of Jericho during the six days before The Battle of Jericho in 1400 BC. Jake is feeling alone and without friends and he doesn't want to be at camp. Imagine how he feels taking a nap in current day North Carolina and waking up surrounded by massive stone walls and among people that clearly are from a different era. Jake remembers the Biblical story of Joshua and the march around Jericho and he knows that these stone walls will soon come tumbling down. He knows that ancient Jericho will be destroyed and its people will perish. Jake begins to experience an amazing adventure that is fantasy based on Biblical truths.

I believe that young readers will enjoy this story that has mystery, action, and adventure while touching on some of the feelings that young people often experience. Jake feels alone but he also believes that God has a purpose for placing him in this place at this time. He realizes that he is needed and this is a good message for any age group!

I applaud the author for writing another book that is perfect for the targeted age group of 8-12 year olds. The text is easy to understand and its 109 pages make it just the right length for this audience. It is also apparent that author Matt Koceich is knowledgeable in both Biblical history and in present day culture because he cleverly compares one of his characters to John Cena, the popular wrestler who is currently popular with young people!

I myself enjoyed reading this story and I found myself referring back to Joshua 6:1-27 to refresh my memory of this special event. I will gladly recommend The Fall of Jericho to my eight year old nephew.

I received a complimentary copy from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to write a review.

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