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Friday, December 14, 2018

Fifty Years! How Can This Be?

In 1987 my in-laws celebrated their Golden Anniversary and then, in 2000, my parents enjoyed their own special day. Both times I remember my feelings of pride and also a sense of amazement.  Both couples had dodged the fast balls that life can throw, they had avoided the pitfalls of their individual journeys and they had successfully ridden the roller coaster ride that is known as marriage. For fifty years they lived together, worked together and managed to raise children who became reasonably sane adults and productive members of society.  Certainly their celebrations were well deserved. But both times I also remember feeling thankful.  There have been many loving and faithful couples who were separated by death and were never permitted to experience this achievement. Our parents had indeed been blessed and each couple was allowed to spend several more years together before their deaths.

Well, the unthinkable has happened and today Gerald and I have reached our own milestone. Fifty years ago, on a snowy Saturday night, we exchanged rings and made promises. We've dodged those fast balls, we've maneuvered those pitfalls and we've ridden that roller coaster. Once again I have feelings of amazement and thankfulness. Amazed that the years have flown by and thankful that through them all I've had a husband, daughter and now a granddaughter to love and enjoy. God has certainly been good and I have indeed been blessed!

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