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Monday, February 4, 2019

When God Made Light by Matthew Paul Turner

When God Made LightWhen God Made Light by Matthew Paul Turner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"Shimmer and shine, be a beacon so bright, ' cause when God made you, child, God made light." These are the final words of "When God Made Light" and I absolutely love them but I also love all of the words preceding them! Author Matthew Paul Turner uses rhyming verse to tell how God gave light to the world after declaring "Let there be light" and illustrator David Caltrow uses bright, vibrant colors to create pictures of children and animals that are fun, creative and just a little quirky. These characters are encouraged to enjoy the light that God made for the day and reminded that they can feel safe at night because of the light that He made for the darkness. But the most important lesson comes from hearing that the God who created the world and gave it light also created them to be filled with light. God made all of His children to be filled with His light.

This book is filled with words that hypnotize and images that capture the imagination and it is perfect for all ages. Young children will love listening to it, older children will enjoy reading it and adults will experience joy in sharing it. Definitely five stars for "When God Made Light"!

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