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Monday, March 4, 2019

The Unexpected Champion by Mary Connealy


City dweller John McCall never expected to be out in the High Sierras of 1868 on a wild-goose chase to find the Chiltons' supposedly lost grandson. But now that he's out here, things have gotten even more complicated, mostly due to wildcat Penny Scott. She's not like any woman he's ever met--comfortable in the woods, with a horse, and with a gun.

When Penny and John are taken against their will by a shadowy figure looking for evidence they don't have, both realize they've stumbled into something dangerous and complicated. With their friends and family desperately searching for them, Penny and John must make a daring escape.

When they emerge back into the real world, they are confronted with a kidnapper who just won't stop. They must bring a powerful, ruthless man to justice, even as this city man and country woman fight a very inconvenient attraction to each other.


Mary Connealy is the bestselling author of romantic comedy with cowboys and she has written over 48 books and novellas. She is a Carol Award winner and a Rita and Christy and IRCC Award Finalist.


The Unexpected Champion (High Sierra Sweethearts, #3)The Unexpected Champion by Mary Connealy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Author Mary Connealy often writes western romantic comedies and The Unexpected Champion fits this description perfectly. There are cowboys, rip-roaring action and lots of laughter. There is also adventure and it starts from the very beginning! A Pinkerton agent and a frontier woman are kidnapped and lost in the High Sierras wilderness and it is the gun toting, pants wearing woman who finally leads them to safety. In a comedy of erors Penny Scott is considered the victim and the Pinkerton agent is labeled as the kidnapper and he could be wearing a noose around his neck unless he chooses to wear a wedding band on his finger. Yes, city slicker John McCall and country Penny have been alone for a week, they have endured each other's quirks and now, Penny's reputation is at stake. It may be necessary for them to marry to save her good name and protect his hide!

This book is full of adventure and danger; mystery and suspense; and lots of laughter. There is also love, mercy, forgiveness and take-your-breath away romance. There is a scene where they consider if their forced marriage is worth keeping and their mutual attaction sizzles between them. "Penny, I've decided we need to figure out a way to make this marriage work. I'm going to have to stay, or you're going to have to come away with me. I find myself very interested in being...um...that is, being...married to you properly".

The Unexpected Champion is perfect material for a Hallmark movie: a strong, law-abiding hero and a can-do-anything woman who find themselves feeling more than friendship for each other. I loved this book so much and I recommend it to all who enjoy Christian romance.

I received a complimentary copy of this book but I voluntarily chose to write this review.

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