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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

An Amish Christmas at the Apple Blossom Inn by Tracy Fredrychowski & Debra Torres

An Amish Christmas at the Apple Blossom Inn

Two sisters. Two stories. One great Amish Christmas read.

Orphaned just weeks before Christmas, the Beiler sisters suddenly discover they could lose their home and what’s worse—each other. To make ends meet, sisters Sadie and Katie are plunged into working at the Willow Spring’s Apple Blossom Inn.

But will their efforts be enough?

Sadie - Struggling with pride, Sadie yearns to bake scrumptious treats in the inn’s kitchen instead of cleaning floors and toilets. But when she makes the mistake of her life, can Sadie and the inn’s handsome maintenance worker Jubal King create a plan to help save her family and maybe even the Apple Blossom Inn?

Katie - On the cusp of a family tragedy, Katie must put her trust in the Lord and step into a mostly English world. When Jeremiah Hershberger returns to Willow Springs looking for answers, Katie sets out on a journey to help him discover secrets of his past.

Can these young women find a way to bring the joy of Christmas back to their family and to Willow Springs?


Reading this book is the perfect way to usher in the upcoming Christmas season! Authors Tracy Fredrychowski and Debra Torres join together to give readers two touching stories that center around a grieving Amish family. The Beiler sisters are now orphans and Amanda has been thrust into the role of caring for her younger sisters. Both authors paint poignant pictures of these girls' many emotions, as they struggle with doubts, uncertainty, and grief, but there are also ample doses of faith, hope, and love! I loved that Sadie and Katie's jobs at the Apple Blossom Inn give the authors a chance to beautifully describe an inn that's been festively decorated for Christmas and to point out the differences between an English and an Amish Christmas. Sweet romances, a mystery concerning a missing Amish boy, and two Amish recipes add to this book's appeal. You may even get a glimpse of an Amish wedding!

If you enjoy Amish fiction and Christmas stories, grab a copy of An Amish Christmas at the Apple Blossom Inn. There's also a reminder that God truly will see us through our trials. This is a book to enjoy and savor!

I received a digital copy from the authors. There was no obligation for a positive review. These are my own thoughts.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Tracy Fredrychowski is a country girl, author, homesteader and everything simple living. She has a passion for writing about the simpler side of life, much like the life she lived growing up in rural Pennsylvania.
Her life has always been intertwined with the Amish, and it’s only fitting that she has a genuine passion for their simplicity, sense of community and God-centered lives.
Growing up in Northwest Pennsylvania she spent her childhood immersed deep in Amish Country.  The clip-clop of horse and buggy woke her each morning as Amish men drove past her childhood home on their way to work. As a young woman, she was traumatized by an Amish murder that involved a family member and changed her life forever.
Even though she currently lives in South Carolina her travels take her through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Wisconsin’s Amish Country every year. During those stops, she researches the communities she visits and prides herself on writing Amish fiction that truly represents the Amish culture. She considers herself very fortunate to have made friends in those communities and values the information they share and wants nothing more than to represent their lifestyle as accurately as possible.

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Debra Torres
Have you ever been so curious about a people group that you devoured books about them? That’s how I was with the Amish. I had so many questions, and Amish novels gave me a peek into the culture I was looking for.
 For twelve years, our family lived in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Here, we had the influence of the Amish around us, but it was the Amish books I read that helped to weave their story for me.  
 Today, I write my own Amish books in a style that’s real, raw, and compelling. I give you unforgettable Amish and Englisher characters trapped in heart-wrenching journeys of self-discovery. Read about real lives and real relationships that are so broken only God can fix them.
Are you ready for the buggy ride of your life? 
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