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Sunday, September 22, 2019

You Belong with Me (Restoring Heritage #1) by Tari Faris

You Belong with Me (Restoring Heritage #1)ABOUT THE BOOK

You Belong with Me by Tari Faris

Small-town realtor Hannah Thornton has many talents--unfortunately, selling houses isn't one of them. When a developer sets his sights on the historic homes in Heritage, Hannah turns to her best friend Luke for help. Will Luke risk his future and confront his past to help her succeed?


"You're the only Realtor I know who actually tries to talk people out of selling and buying. Might be time for a new job." (p. 14)

This is the advice that Hannah Thornton receives from her best friend after she tells him that she doesn't want her clients to sell their homes to a developer. Hannah loves her small town and she is determined to prevent some of the historic homes being replaced by a strip mall but it's going to take a lot of work and pursuasion to prevent it. As she struggles to stop these demolitions she also deals with the strong feelings she has for Luke Johnson, her best friend and the man that she has loved for so many years. It seems that there is no chance for the two of them to be together and there also seems to be no hope that she can pursuade others to work to preserve Heritage, Michigan, the place that she calls home. I loved the advice that Hannah received from her Aunt Lucy when she confides that she has failed in all of her efforts.

"You can never really fix something shattered. But you can take the pieces and make something even better. Don't leave the painful parts of your life in a box on a shelf. Figure out how to make something beautiful out of them."(p. 275)

I enjoyed getting to know Hannah and Luke; they both have experienced extreme disappointments in their parents and they still carry those hurts. I believe that it is this common denominator that has created their bond and it certainly doesn't hurt that they share an amazing chemistry, a chemistry that is worthy of being shown in a movie! There are also several other great characters who deserve their own story and I am hoping that they will be featured in the future books of the Restoring Heritage series.

You Belong With Me is a sweet, contemporary Christian fiction novel and while it shows the dangers of keeping your thoughts and emotions bottled up, it also reminds us that forgiveness can offer healing to both the forgiver and the forgiven. If you enjoy clean romance stories with a subtle faith message woven in, you will surely want to read You Belong With Me.

I received a copy of this book from Revell and a positive review was not required. This is my honest review.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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