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Friday, July 17, 2020

A Gilded Lady (Hope & Glory, #2) by Elizabeth Camden

A Gilded Lady (Hope and Glory, #2)ABOUT THE BOOK

Caroline Delacroix is at the pinnacle of Washington high society in her role as secretary to the First Lady of the United States. But beneath the facade of her beauty, glamorous wardrobe, and dazzling personality, she's hiding a terrible secret. If she cannot untangle a web of foreign espionage, her brother will face execution for treason.

Nathaniel Trask is the newly appointed head of the president's Secret Service team. He is immediately attracted to Caroline's quick wit and undeniable charm, but his job leaves no room for distractions. Anarchist plots have led to mounting threats against the president, forcing him to put duty before his growing love for Caroline.

Amid the glamorous pageantry of Guilded Age Washington, DC, Caroline and Nathaniel face danger and heartbreak that shakes them to their core and tests all they know about love and sacrifice.


I am so in awe of Elizabeth Camden's ability to keep readers completely immersed in historical fiction and A Gilded Lady is the perfect example of her talent. I loved learning the duties associated with being the secretary to the First Lady and this was certainly the job that Caroline Delacroix was meant to have. She had been used to a life of wealth and advantage so serving First Lady Ada McKinley was the perfect way to accept her brother Gray's dare to join the workforce! A Gilded Lady also offers a glimpse of the administration of President William McKinley, his marriage with his ailing wife Ada, and his shocking assassination. As I read about the efforts to save him and how his death affected the United States, I was immediately taken to 1963 and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Camden completely captured the disbelief, the grief, and the fears that surrounded Americans in 1901, because we felt them again sixty-two years later! I was also intrigued with the 'behind-the-scenes' details of life in the White House--the staff, the security, and the challenges of being President and First Lady. It's very apparent that the author extensively researched these facts and I assure you...fans of historical fiction will absolutely relish this book!

This story, however, offers so much more than just history. Family secrets, divided loyalties, treason, and conspiracy are all featured in this fictional story, and then, there are the very human feelings of Caroline and Secret Service agent Nathaniel Trask!  Will Nathaniel overcome his feelings of guilt and failure in his protection of President McKinley?  Can two people as different as Caroline and Nathaniel find a common meeting ground and perhaps, discover love? Does Nathaniel's evident faith encourage Caroline to seek her own walk with God?

This is the second book in the Hope and Glory series and I am eagerly looking forward to the series conclusion that is scheduled to release in 2021. I highly recommend A Gilded Lady for all who enjoy historical Christian fiction.

I received a copy of this book from the author. I was in no way influenced to write a favorable review. These are my honest thoughts.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Elizabeth Camden is a college librarian by day and an author on the weekends.She is married and she states that "I should never take my husband for granted. I give daily thanks for the blessing of being able to share a life with my favorite person on the planet,"

And who is she really? "I love old Hitchcock films, the hour before sunset, a long, sweaty run through the Florida countryside, and a glass of good wine. After spending my entire adult life on a college campus (either as a student or a librarian) I have finally been able to pursue my ultimate goal of writing professionally."

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