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Thursday, June 16, 2022

All That Is Hidden by Laura DeNooyer-Moore

All That Is Hidden

“All of God’s earth to my brother Nick and me were the streams for fishing, the fields for planting and harvesting, a world snugly enclosed by the blue-misted Smokies. . . . Other than the seasons, nothing ever changed. . . .” Until the summer of 1968. Ten-year-old Tina Hamilton’s life changes forever. Trouble erupts when a proposed theme park threatens her tiny Appalachian town. Some folks blame the trouble on “progress,” some blame the space race and men meddling with the moon’s cycles, and some blame Tina’s father. A past he has hidden catches up to him, his family, and the entire town. Suddenly, the clash of a father’s past and present becomes the microcosm of the clash between progressive ideas and small town values. Tina struggles with her shaken confidence in a father who, in hiding his past, has made a string of choices that shape her childhood. Gradually, Tina gains insight into her father through seemingly unrelated circumstances: her feud with a fellow ballplayer, her friendship with Old Joe who lives alone on the mountain, a gift left to her father by a neighbor fourteen years dead, and a broken promise. Meticulously researched, this moving and engaging coming-of-age tale is a delightful, richly-textured tapestry of family stories woven with the timeless wisdom of generations past, all of which guide Tina and create the fabric of a journey to forgiveness that will warm your heart. Tina is forced to answer a difficult question: are secrets worth the price they cost to keep? Pour yourself a cup of tea, settle in, and come along. Then you decide. 

“There’s a touch of Laura Ingalls Wilder simplicity in the descriptions of home life, crafts, cooking and chores, a sprinkling of Stephen King in its authentic portrayal of small-town life and dialogue, and a dash of To Kill a Mockingbird in its deeper themes of truth, trust, love, betrayal and forgiveness. That’s one heck of a mix.” --Ariane Jenkins, Epinons.com


The cover of this book is beautiful and the story inside is just as special. I love that All That Is Hidden is told from the perspective of a ten-year-old girl during a time that I remember so vividly! The Vietnam War is raging, and there are civil rights marches being held in other places, but these events seem so far from Tina's small hometown in North Carolina. Life is good until Tina realizes that there are secrets that may change her life forever!

I grew up in a small rural area similar to Tina's home, and author Laura DeNooyer-Moore captures many of the emotions of that era. I remember the peace and innocence, followed by the gradual awakening as the events of the outside world began to seep into our consciousness. As I read All That Is Hidden, I was captivated by the unfolding of her father's secret past. During her time of discovery, she found what many of us learned in our own youth. Our parents made mistakes, life wasn't always as it seemed, and we all needed to understand grace and forgiveness. I recommend this touching and nostalgic read to all who enjoy family drama and coming-of-age stories.

I voluntarily accepted a digital copy of this book. There was no obligation for a positive review.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Laura DeNooyer thrives on creativity and encouraging it in others. She spotlights creatives of all kinds on her blog, Journey To Imagination. A Calvin College graduate, Laura taught middle school and high school for nine years in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and currently teaches writing to home schooled students. Between those two jobs, she and her husband raised four children as she penned her first novel, All That Is Hidden. An award-winning author of heart-warming historical and contemporary fiction, she is president of her American Christian Fiction Writers chapter. When not writing, you’ll find her reading, walking, drinking tea with friends, or taking a road trip. Visit Laura at https://lauradenooyer-author.com or on Facebook.

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