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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Needles, The Forgotten Christmas Tree by Richard Wagner


Book Details:

Book Title:  Needles the Forgotten Christmas Tree by Richard Wagner
Category:  Children's Fiction (ages 3 to 7), 32 pages
Genre:  Children's Book
Publisher:  Mascot
Release date:   Mar 7, 2023
Content Rating:  G.  Suitable for everyone.
                 ***** MOM'S CHOICE GOLD AWARD WINNER *****
Book Description:

The world is not always perfect. A scraggly little tree named Needles must endure taunts, criticism, and setbacks to realize his goal of becoming a beautiful Christmas tree.

​This is a story of hope, dreams, desires, determination, and never giving up. It also offers the observation that what others think is beautiful may not really matter. Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder . . . and paired with the spirit of Christmas, maybe we can make the world just a little more perfect!
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Needles knows he doesn't measure up to many of the other Christmas trees at the tree farm, but he still believes that he is just the right tree to decorate someone's home. Will this proud little tree be chosen to become a Christmas tree this year, or will he be alone during the holiday season?
Needles, the Forgotten Christmas Tree is a heartwarming story meant to be read as a family.  It offers the perfect opportunity to discuss the many aspects of beauty with our children and to remind them that even if they don't appeal to everyone, they are still worthy of love and respect. Author Richard Wagner perfectly captures this little tree's emotions as he wavers between hope, determination, rejection, and sadness until he finally realizes that he can make a difference after all. Isn't this a wonderful message of affirmation to share with children? 
Wagner's story is lovely and Sydni Kruger's illustrations add the perfect touch! I do, however,  believe that this book is better suited for children a little older than the suggested target audience of 3-7.  Ages 5-9 may appreciate it more due to its length and vocabulary but this is definitely a wonderful addition to family and school libraries!
I received a copy of this book via iRead Book Tours. There was no obligation for a positive review and I am voluntarily sharing my opinion.
4.5 Stars

Guest Post

"Needles, the Forgotten Christmas Tree"

by Richard Wagner

What are our family Christmas traditions?

There are certain traditions at the Christmas holidays that seem to happen each and every year. It starts the weekend after Thanksgiving. Usually on that Saturday, we buy and bring home a Christmas tree. It can't be any tree. It must be a Noble Fir or a Blue Spruce, usually 8 feet in height. Why? All I can say is "a happy wife !"

My wife decorates the tree. We have hundreds of ornaments, many of which date back to our youth. She varies the lights each year, sometimes going multi-color, other times going white. When she is finished, engineer Rich (that's me) puts the LGB train around the base.

While my wife is decorating the tree, I put the Christmas lights up on the house while trying not to break my neck. When he is home, my son helps. Meanwhile, once my wife is done with the tree, she puts out other decorations in the house, including her collection of nutcrackers and Carolers.

About a week before Christmas, our family attends the play "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. On Christmas Eve we have a family dinner at my sister's home and we exchange presents amongst family. Our family then attends a midnight church service with Christmas carols and music from Handel's Messiah.

On Christmas morning, the traditions get into high gear. First, we have champagne, eggnog, cinnamon roles and quiche while listening to carols. We then open presents which can take 3 to 4 hours going one at a time. We then prepare a Christmas dinner which will include other family, and open presents with them after, with the fireplaces roaring and the eggnog flowing. We have found that though we enjoy these traditions, our children, in their early twenties, look forward to them equally as much if not more. It truly brings us all together!
Meet the Author:

Richard Wagner grew up in Southern California. When he was 14-years old, a business friend of his father’s had a small Christmas tree delivered as a thank you. Their family already had a large tree decorated in the house. Not being able to find anyone who needed a tree, that small Christmas tree stood outside by itself for the remainder of the Christmas holiday.
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