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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Stay True Daily Planner and Father I Pray Teen Edition: Both by Tope Akinsiku

I can't begin to name the times that I've planned to make major changes as I approached a new year. Losing weight, exercising more, and most importantly, increasing the amount of time that I spend in devotion. Well, a new year is fast approaching and I think I've found the tool that will help me achieve my goal! The Stay True Daily Planner is designed to do just that---stay true to what I'm pledging to do!


The Stay True Planner is a carefully curated tool that allows you to set meaningful goals that align with your purpose and values and track your progress throughout the year.

The Stay True full-year planner is undated, so you are not limited to a particular year. In the planner, you will find lined pages for journaling, note-taking, meditating – whatever your needs are.

The Stay True full-year planner includes a free gift! A fully lined notebook to record your overflow of reflections and thoughts. Jot your ideas, journal your day-to-day experiences, write your meditations, and much more.

Your purchase will also give you access to the A.L.I.V.E. Assessment. The assessment is an essential tool that allows you to be aware of your spiritual awakening and intimacy with Christ in all areas of your life. It encourages you to set long-term and short-term goals in line with your purpose.

Access the A.L.I.V.E. Assessment using the Assessment Card found in the planner. This card includes a QR Code and a link that directs you to the assessment page, as well as a unique code to create an account.

The assessment should be used in conjunction with the planner to maximize your growth!



This is a beautiful hardbound book that is perfect for your own use but it would also be a wonderful gift because it comes in a special case! This planner allows you to plan your goals and break them down into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. 

There's even a page for your Big Audacious Goals (Annual)!

It also offers plenty of space for you to record your actions and it's so satisfying to see those actions in print! If you've succeeded...Hooray for you! If you need to try harder...your planner will help guide you to your goal!

I especially like that this covers many aspects of my life. Spiritual, Career, Financial, Relationship, and Health and Fitness. 

There's even a reminder to drink my water and this is something that I struggle with!

Need more room for your notes? There's a notebook with plenty of lined pages to record your thoughts.

I was given a chance to preview this planner but there was no obligation for a positive review. I am voluntarily sharing my thoughts.

I was also given a chance to preview another wonderful title from this same author. Tope Akinsiku gives teens a 31 days prayer journal that covers so many topics that are relevant to this age group. Father I Pray Teens Edition has Bible scripture and a place to record thoughts and goals. 


Father, I Pray Teens is a 31-day prayer devotional created for teenagers. Give your teenagers the privilege of learning how to effectively communicate with God through scriptures and build a strong prayer life.

Inside this prayer devotional, you will find:
  • Daily Bible Readings - Guided readings for the day with reflections
  • Daily Bible Promises - Promises to appropriate from the Bible
  • Daily Prayer Prompts - Focused prayers based on the promise of the day
  • Daily Gratitude Prompts - List of things to be grateful for
Father, I Pray: Teens contains 31 important prayer topics pertinent to all teenagers, starting with the Salvation Prayer - the foundation of building a relationship with God. This prayer devotional will equip every teen with engaging tools to empower them to build a prayer life and personal relationship with God.

This Father I Pray Teens Edition is a bright, attractive journal that has Bible scripture and a designated section to record thoughts and goals. Teens are also encouraged to pray daily and to focus on the things that they're grateful for! This prayer journal is a wonderful addition to a teen's devotion time!

I received a copy of this book but there was no obligation for a positive review. I am voluntarily sharing my thoughts.


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