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Thursday, May 2, 2019

His Second Chance at Forever (Santa Barbara Sunsets Book One) By Lynne Marshall

His Second Chance at Forever: Santa Barbara Sunsets Book OneABOUT THE BOOK

He's stuck in his past, she shows him their future... 

Brooding Jason Rogers prefers to keep people at a distance and his pain tucked safely inside. So what if he’s a grouch? He doesn’t care.

Claire Albright isn’t afraid to waltz into her new boss’s office and give her opinions. The fact she has a tagalong little girl, Gina, who reminds Jason of the daughter he lost, only adds to their bristly start.

Soon, against Jason’s will, Claire and Gina inject hope back into his dull existence. Dare he dream of a life he never thought he’d have again?


His Second Chance at Forever: Santa Barbara Sunsets Book One by Lynne Marshall
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

'He'd come out of his hibernation; let his guard down enough to enjoy Claire's company. He didn't deserve to be alive, or to feel, or to enjoy anything. Ever. He wouldn't slip up again.' (p. 98)

For the last four years Jason Rogers has grieved for the wife and daughter that he lost in an automobile accident and he has dealt with the guilt that he wasn't with them. Now his life revolves solely around his patients and his medical practice. Claire Albright is a bright, intelligent Nurse Practitioner who is dealing with her own issues. Claire has a beautiful little girl but her diagnosis of Lupus not only robbed her of her health, it also prompted her husband to divorce her for "someone healthier". It is when Claire is hired as the fifth member of Jason's medical practice that this book title comes into play. Jason's determination to remain true to the memory of his wife and daughter is challenged by this special young woman who often brings her adorable little girl to work and he finds himself falling under the spell of both of them. As he wrestles with his emotions he asks himself "What have I done?" and he vows that this cannot happen. Will he ever accept a second chance at forever?

I don't know what is best about Lynne Marshall's books. Is it that she often uses her knowledge and experiences as a nurse to write believable stories with a medical background? Is it because she creates realistic characters that you would like to know in real life? Or could it be that even in the darkest moments she always offers hope and she reaffirms that there is still goodness in the world? It doesn't really matter because Marshall is an author that you can always count on when you need a sweet, romantic story to brighten your day (or night). And this book doesn't disappoint!

His Second Chance at Forever touches on loss and grief; denial and acceptance; and the hope of love and second chances. It is the first book in a new series, Santa Barbara Sunsets, and I look forward to reading more from Lynne Marshall.

I received an Advanced Readers Copy of this book and these are my honest opinions.

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  1. Thank you Connie for reading and reviewing my book. I'm thrilled you enjoyed it.