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Friday, April 8, 2022

This Little Piggy: Kappy King and the Pig Kaper (Kappy King Mystery Kapers, #4) by Amy Lillard

This Little Piggy: Kappy King and the Pig Kaper

They only came to buy a pig…

Jimmy Peachey, lover of all animals, has finally done it. He’s finally convinced his sister, Edie, to allow him to raise pigs. But when he, Edie, and Kappy arrive at the farm to buy the swine, they have another surprise in store.

Balthazar Lapp, the ultra-conservative Amish pig farmer, is lying on the floor of his greenhouse, bludgeoned to death. After an anonymous caller tips off police, Jimmy’s friend Tiny is arrested for the murder. Jimmy begs Edie and Kappy to help get his friend out of jail, but with a prison record and the possible murder weapon found in his car, Tiny will remain behind bars.

Yet strange things are still happening around the valley. Corn is mysteriously growing at the abandoned farm behind Edie and Jimmy’s house. Balthazar’s wife disappears just days after his death along with all his livestock and the huge crop of medicinal marijuana from his greenhouse. And Jimmy is convinced that the Lapps’ neighbor, Gerald Kent, stole one of their pigs—the very same, ‘special’ pig Balthazar had been trying to sell to Tiny on the day of his murder.

It’ll take all Kappy’s wits to put the clues together and figure out who the murderer is, but it’s only at the Third Annual Smoking in the Valley barbecue competition that she uncovers just how special this little piggy really is.


This book is such a delight! I love stories with dogs and puppies but who knew that pigs could be just as special? Amy Lillard shares a story that had me laughing out loud, and scratching my head at the same time, as I tried to figure out what happened to Balthazaar Lapp. Yes, he was murdered, but who in Blue Sky, Pennsylvania would be capable of murder? Most of the people who live there are Amish, and they're known for being peaceful, non-violent people! Can our heroine, Kappy King, find the killer? Will her special friends Edie and Jimmy help her play detective once again?

This Little Piggy has unique characters, unanswered questions, some interesting happenings, and an intriguing emotional dilemma for Kappy. Hiram seems to have feelings for her, but she finds herself thinking more and more about Silas...is there romance in the air for this talented Kapp maker? This is Lillard's fourth book in the Kappy King series, and I thoroughly enjoyed her fun, entertaining story. I recommend it to all who enjoy Amish fiction and cozy mysteries.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. There was no obligation for a positive review. These are my own thoughts.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Amy Lillard is a 2013 Carol award-winning author who loves reading romance novels from contemporary to Amish. She was born and raised in Mississippi, but now lives in Oklahoma with her husband and their teenage son.  

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