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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Fallout by Carrie Stuart Parks


Samantha Williams’s carefully crafted life is about to be demolished as thoroughly as her art classroom when a careening SUV smashes into the school.

In the dusty farming community of LaCrosse, Washington, art teacher Samantha Williams manages to save her students when an SUV crashes into the school. Her car isn’t so lucky. Oddly, her purse—containing her driver’s license, credit cards, and other identification—is missing from the wreckage, forcing her to rely on the kindness of strangers. Never one to trust easily, Samantha is thrust into a world far different from her simple life of jigsaw puzzles, children’s books, and lectures at the library.

One of the strangers who befriends her is a reporter from Spokane who is in town investigating two sets of skeletal remains that were recently discovered. When authorities discover that the driver in the school accident was shot before the crash, Samantha quickly becomes enmeshed in strange events, which turn ominous with the discovery of blackmail, murder, an abandoned town, and a secret government project.

Samantha has long tried to forget the tragedy of her past, but the links here can't be ignored. Yet these are secrets that others are determined to keep buried, and they’ll use any means necessary to stop Samantha’s search for truth.


'They'd grown rich while he'd been discarded like so much trash. Now was his time to get even.  He'd use the threat of the bomb to force the acknowledgment of their role and his own innocence. He'd personally take care of those directly responsible.'

I love mystery/suspense novels and I'm usually pretty good at figuring out the clues, but this book kept me guessing until the very end! Author Carrie Stuart Parks has crafted a fascinating tale filled with intriguing characters, page-turning action, and several red herrings. The prologue to Fallout begins with a 1988 incident that is troubling, to say the least, and then, we progress to 2015, when the mind-boggling, spine-tingling adventure begins. Art instructor Samantha Williams is nearly killed by a supposedly random accident, but it doesn't take long for the doubts to arise. Could she have been a target after all?

Parks adds intricate clues and multi-layers to this fascinating story, and she also shares a strong faith message. A light romance is included but the suspense and intrigue are the main focus. There's also a historical element that left me wanting to learn more about the Hanford Site at Hanford, Washington. Fallout is a captivating thriller, and I can't wait to read more of this author's work!

I received a digital copy of this book from the author and publisher. There was no obligation for a positive review.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Carrie Stuart Parks is a Christy finalist as well as a Carol Award-winning author. She has won numerous awards for her fine art as well. An internationally known forensic artist, she travels with her husband, Rick, across the US and Canada teaching courses in forensic art to law-enforcement professionals. The author/illustrator of numerous books on drawing and painting, Carrie continues to create dramatic watercolors from theIr studio in the mountains of Idaho.

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