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Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Sewing Sisters' Society (A Second Chance Romance Collection Book 1) by Ruth Logan Herne

The Sewing Sisters' Society (A Second Chance Romance Collection Book 1)ABOUT THE BOOK

Hattie McGillicuddy might not look like your typical matchmaker, but Hattie makes things happen in the little town of Second Chance, South Dakota. With the arrival of the railroad and official statehood, Hattie’s determined to bring brides west, and not just any brides. Brides who need the wide open prairie as much as the prairie- and the prairie men- need them! Three pioneer stories of unlikely love are woven around a little town full of homespun characters that take us back to another place and another time but with the same faith, hope and love we cherish today. 

The Pastor Takes A Wife
Macy can’t sew a lick, and she’s come to town with a sacrifice and a secret, but when Hattie’s first apprentice is attracted to the pastor of the only church in town—the man raising her illegitimate son— will the truth set her free? Or make her leave the town and her son behind? 

Second Chance Christmas
Unjustly accused, Nellie comes west to escape the law. She has a way with tucks and gathers, and every Western town could use more tucks and gathers. She’s determined to improve the drab look of the prairie and manages to brighten hearts as well. But will her quick speech and firm ideas of women’s suffrage draw Levi Eichas closer or send the somber carriage maker running? 

Second Chance at Love
Grief has robbed Ann Hazel, but when her aunt pushes her to go west and help an ailing Hattie McGillicuddy turn hems, Ann’s shamed into it. She’s managed to avoid life for awhile, but when Sol Eichas’s nanny comes down sick, Ann reluctantly agrees to help. As she winds her way around Sol’s heart and home, can the two troubled souls leave the past behind to embrace a future together? 


The Sewing Sisters' Society by Ruth Logan Herne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“The minute I laid eyes on Second Chance, I knew it was the right place for me, and I was right. A growing town, a growing prairie, and good women coming west to chart their own course." These words, spoken by Harriet McGillicuddy, explain her decision to create a new life in Second Chance, South Dakota and they also reveal why she wants other women to have the same chance. Harriet is the cornerstone of each of these novellas that feature three different women who are also in need of a second chance. They each have been hurt by life circumstances and they are uncertain what to do next; it is Harriet's wisdom and her ability to see beyond the surface that eventually helps each of them build a new existence.

Ruth Logan Herne has created some memorable characters and she tells their stories in a down-to-earth manner that is sprinkled with humor. As I read these three novellas in The Sewing Sisters’ Society I was reminded of the wholesome, entertaining television shows during my youth. Some were westerns and some featured the pioneer spirit but all of them emphasized faith, love and family. I now find myself wishing for a television series set in Second Chance, South Dakota. The opening credits would show Harriet McGillicuddy's Shirt Shop, a place where "fine goods are available by order" but love and advice are available all of the time. Harriet would continue to recruit new sewing assistants and she would remind each one that "I came to Second Chance for just that. A second chance. And a new beginning, a new town, and new friends. And here is where I intend to stay." Each episode would allow us to learn their special stories and each week redemption and forgiveness would be offered!

If you are a person who enjoys faith-based stories and historical fiction, you will want to read The Sewing Sisters’ Society by Ruth Logan Herne. I thoroughly enjoyed these stories and I would love to read more about Second Chance, South Dakota.

I received a digital copy of this book from JustRead Publicity Tours but I was under no obligation to post a positive review.

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