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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The Bathsheba Battle by Natalie Chambers Snapp

The Bathsheba Battle: Finding Hope When Life Takes an Unexpected TurnABOUT THE BOOK

Has your life ever taken an unexpected turn, leaving you feeling hurt and stuck? In The Bathsheba Battle, Natalie Chambers Snapp helps women find healing and hope when things haven't gone as they had planned. Bathsheba, typically misrepresented as an adulteress, is one of the most misunderstood women in the Bible. Despite an unexpected turn in her life, which resulted in tragic circumstances beyond her control, there are glimmers of hope in her story. By studying her life, readers will find healing from their own painful pasts and hope for living the free and full lives God intends. 


Most of us are familiar with the story in 2 Samuel 11-12 that tells the story of David and Bathsheba but it is through this book that I have begun to better comprehend this story. Bathsheba experienced shame, fear, and great suffering and I have a whole new understanding of her dilemna. She knew that the penalty for refusing to answer the King's summons could be severe and her husband wasn't there to protect her. She went and we know what occurred but have we ever really considered what she truly felt? I feel sure that her fear, shame, and grief was overwhelming but what about the anger? She surely struggled in her ability to forgive King David.

Author Natalie Chambers Snapp has done an admirable job in sharing modern-day experiences and comparing them to David and Bathsheba's story. The Bathsheba Battle has twelve chapters, among them Turning Away from Shame; Turning Away from Anger; Turning Away from Comparison; Turning Away from Fear; Permission to Grieve; Forgiving Others--- and Yourself; and Turning to Hope. At the end of each of these chapters she has chosen appropriate scripture for Turning to God and listed Questions for Reflection or Discussion to help us further expand our understanding.

This book is filled with many nuggets of wisdom and many wonderful statements and I especially love her reminder that 'David and Bathsheba both could have given their anger permission to turn them away from God. Instead, they chose to seek God rather than run from Him.'

This is a book that touches on many of the human emotions that we experience as humans: shame, anger, fear, grieving, forgiveness, and hope. The Bathsheba Battle is perfect for personal bible study but I can see it being used in a woman's Bible study group.

I received a complimentary digital copy from the author but I am not required to write a positive review. These are my honest thoughts.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Natalie Chambers Snapp is first and foremost a follower of Jesus, then wife to Jason, and mom to one spunky daughter and two spirited sons with a crazy amount of energy. Choosing to follow Jesus at 27, Natalie is passionate about sharing the grace, mercy, and truth of God’s love. She lives in the Midwest with her crew and tries to keep it simple by writing about the faith found in the everyday mundane. The outpourings of her heart can be found at www.nataliesnapp.com in the fleeting moments between being a wife and mother. She is also a contributing writer for The Mothers of Boys Society, the Whatever Girls Ministry and Group Publishing.

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