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Saturday, October 5, 2019

The Trouble with Nancy by Chautona Havig: Review & Giveaway

About the Book

Book: The Trouble with Nancy
Author: Chautona Havig
Genre: Christian Historical Romance, Western
Release Date: July 18, 2019

Her reputation precedes her, whether the bad guys realize it or not.
Nancy Harrison has finally stepped out of her prissy box and tried to do something helpful–but did she go overboard in her first self-less act?

She can’t ride, she hates horses, and she’s terrified of being alone. What’s a girl to do?

Join the Pony Express, of course.

When Nancy Harrison’s family receives a tax bill they can’t pay, there’s only one option open to them. Her brother, Lewis, will have to join the Pony Express and earn the money that way.

It would have worked, too, if ruffians hadn’t attacked him and broken his leg.

She doesn’t want to do it, of course, but what choice is there? Lose everything or ride a stupid, smelly horse for a few weeks? Nancy decides that she’ll chop off her hair, take to the dusty overland trail, and prove that she isn’t a “flighty little thing.”

But things go from bad to worse as she discovers that riding astride is worse than sidesaddle—especially when you’re not used to it.

Can’t she just go back home to balls, teas, and the hope of a suitor before her twentieth birthday? Sans her hair, of course, because that’ll entice the fellows. Sigh.

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What can I say about The Trouble with Nancy? That it is a fun read? That it is filled with historical facts? That it is a clean romance and it has a strong faith-filled message? This is the first book that I've read by this author and I'm so glad to have this chance. Chautona Havig's story centers around Nancy Harrison, her mother Edna, and her brother Lewis as they attempt to keep their home after the death of her father. The Trouble with Nancy is filled with adventure, romance, and even a mystery but it is also a reminder that no one is exempt from troubles; it is how how we face those problems that is our true test.

Nancy suffers an inferiority complex--she knows that she isn't a beauty, she doesn't even think she is pretty, and she often doubts her competence BUT she is loyal and she knows that her family needs help. Her decision to take her brother's place and pretend to be a boy to deliver mail with the Pony Express was unheard of in 1860 and it had to be kept a secret. Unthinkable, but in the end, Nancy discovered that she was stronger and braver than she ever thought possible. As she worked through her fears and accepted this challenge, she gained a new awareness of her abilities and developed an inward beauty that had never been apparent before. She also met someone who recognized just how special she was and I really liked Bruce MacLeod and his apparent interest in Nancy. 'The instinct to take her hand, to offer his arm, to pull her in both of his arms and kiss away the pain---each one rose up and Bruce stamped them down again. 'Tis strange that a lassie I dinna think I'd have liked two months ago is becomin' so dear to me.'

It is, however, Nancy's growth as a Christian that was so heartwarming to read and I loved the author's analogy of Nancy's efforts to pay off her family's debt. As Nancy reflected on her months along the trail she felt as if she had gone through torture to earn the needed money but when she went to pay, the account balance had already been resolved. Nancy realized that this is the same with God. With his sacrifice Jesus experienced torture to cover all of our debts and God will only accept His payment. Nothing we can ever do can truly pay our debt and it is only the payment made by Jesus that God is willing to accept!

The Trouble with Nancy is an entertaining, thought-provoking story and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys historical fiction and Christian romance.

I received a complimentary digital copy from Celebrate Lit but I wasn't required to write a positive review. These are my own opinions.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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About the Author

Chautona Havig lives in an oxymoron, escapes into imaginary worlds that look startlingly similar to ours and writes the stories that emerge. An irrepressible optimist, Chautona sees everything through a kaleidoscope of It’s a Wonderful Life sprinkled with fairy tales. Find her on the web and say howdy—if you can remember how to spell her name.    

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