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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Painted Memories by A.M. Heath

Painted Memories (Art of Love, #2)ABOUT THE BOOK

She moved on when the love of her life died in the war, but what will happen when she finds out he’s alive?

Olivia Jernigan never thought she’d get over Grady. But three years after his death, she’s on the verge of marrying Kenneth Wade when she receives a new painting by her deceased fiance. Olivia flees home to learn what really happened to the man she thought died in the Korean War. The man she thought loved her enough to come home for her.

Grady Barnes woke up three years ago in a hospital room with no knowledge of his identity. The only memory to resurface is the image of a woman he can't stop painting. When she suddenly shows up at his painting class, she may help him discover where he really belongs or she may disrupt the life he was building for himself.

Olivia and Grady have a history. But now, they wonder if they still have a future … or perhaps, their love is just a painted memory.


Author A.M. Heath offers a glimpse of innocent young love and hopes for a future in this intriguing story that alternates between 1956 and flashbacks of the previous four years. She completely captures the plethora of emotions of two people who thought they would spend their lives together but instead, had their dreams stolen from them. We witness Olivia Jernigan's overwhelming grief when she learns that Grady Barnes was killed in the service and her reluctance to let go of "what might have been". Grady, however, didn't die but he has no memories at all and is understandably confused and frustrated over his forgotten past. Will Olivia's own memories forever color any relationship she might enjoy in the future? How will she ever love again after loving Grady so completely? Is Grady's past forever erased?

This book isn't long in length but it packs a powerful reminder that God's Plan may not be what we thought it would be. Even though "Johnny" (Grady) has no clues to his identity or his former life, he is able to recall the features of a young woman and paint them on canvas. He might not remember who she was but apparently, she was an important part of his past life! But is she destined to be his future? Painted Memories is a touching and thought-provoking story and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys Christian romance.

I received a PDF copy of this book. There was no obligation for a favorable review and I am voluntarily sharing my own thoughts.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


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