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Sunday, June 2, 2019

The Noble Guardian by Michelle Griep

The Noble Guardian (The Bow Street Runners #3)ABOUT THE BOOK

A Cross-Country Trip through Regency England Brings Intrigue, Rogues, and High Adventure

The must-read conclusion to Michelle Griep’s Bow Street Runners Trilogy: Life couldn’t be better for Abigail Gilbert—but it’s been a long time coming. Having lived with a family who hated her, love is finally within reach. Abby sets off on a journey across England to marry one of the most prestigious gentleman bachelors in the land—until highwaymen upset her plans and threaten her life.

Horse patrol captain Samuel Thatcher arrives just in time to save Abby. But to him she’s simply another victim in a job he’s come to despise. Tired of the dark side of humanity, he intends to buy land and retire.

Abby pleads with him to escort her on the rest of her journey. He refuses until she offers him the thing he desperately needs to achieve his goal: money. Delivering her safely will earn him more than enough to settle into a quiet life.

So begins an impossible trek for the cynical lawman and the proper lady. Each will be indelibly changed by the time they reach her betrothed, if they don’t kill one another first—or fall in love.


The Noble Guardian by Michelle Griep
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"This wasn't how Abby imagined she'd arrive at her future husband's manor, with a baby on her shoulder, a criminal tied up at the back of the carriage, and the man she loved bleeding to death on the seat next to her."

Until now, Abigail Gilbert's life had been very similar to Cinderella's story. She had been badly treated by her stepmother but she believed that her life would change for the better when she was able to leave her unhappy past and marry the rich bachelor who was waiting for her in London. But now, her journey has been interupted by a notorious highwayman and she finds herself being rescued by a dark, handsome stranger named Samuel Thatcher, a dashing hero who easily steals Abigail's heart (and my heart also)! Samuel is a Bow Street Runner and he and his colleagues work to rid the roads around London from the thieves who often rob travelers on their journeys. Samuel reluctantly agrees to help Abigail safely reach her destination IF she will help him with the little girl that he is temporarily in charge of.

What follows is a story filled with excitement, adventure, romance and intriguing characters! Samuel Thatcher is certainly a noble guardian and Abigail Gilbert deserves to receive the love that she so freely offers to others. Samuel's past has left him wanting to leave society and live alone but time spent with Abigail may change this. There is an incredible connection between Samuel and Abigail and I loved that the author was able to portray their sizzling chemistry in a clean, wholesome manner.

Michelle Griep easily transported me back to 1815 England and I enjoyed learning the history behind the Bow Street Runners and the highwaymen. I also appreciated the faith-based story that allowed these two very different people to accept each other as they were and to hope for a better future together. The Noble Guardian is Regency fiction at its best and I recommend it highly.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.

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