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Saturday, August 3, 2019

The String (Deadly Games #1) by Caleb Breakey

The String (Deadly Games #1)ABOUT THE BOOK

Welcome to the string, a game of impossible decisions and deadly consequences. Let's go over the ground rules.

Rule #1: Participation is mandatory.
Rule #2: If anyone refuses to play, all threats will come to pass.
Game on.

Get ready for a deadly social experiment as a sociopath known as The Conductor delivers disturbing threats and twisted moral dilemmas to unsuspecting students and staff.

As a powerful instinct for self-preservation sweeps through the campus, one man has a grave decision to make. Will university cop Markus Haas play the game to protect those he loves? Or will he break the string and incite massive chaos--and even death?

In the great suspense tradition of Ted Dekker and Steven James, Caleb Breakey's explosive debut novel will have you turning pages into the night.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

'The branding iron pulsated reddish orange in the corner fireplace. It was time.'

These are the first words of this new book by Caleb Breakey and they introduce readers to the disturbing and thought-provoking world of a person who calls himself the conductor. This unknown villian is playing a cat and mouse game with students and staff members at Trenton University and his rules are very specific. If he chooses you, you must play and if you refuse to play, every other player is at risk. As this story progresses, it is obvious that the conductor is well acquainted with each player and he knows all of their secrets and weaknesses. What he doesn't count on is the determination of one of the players to put this murderous game to an end. Marcus Haas is a university cop and he has some secrets also but he's found someone worth fighting for and he is determined to protect Stephanie and her two little girls.

'This was the love of my life, the woman I wanted to spend my life with---and I'd do anything to keep her and her daughters safe.'

If you have a busy day planned you may not want to start this book the night before because author Caleb Breakey has written a story that will keep you reading and rob you of sleep. The String is pyschological suspense at its best but it is also contemporay Christian suspense. Readers are shown good versus evil and the choices that are often required. Do you sacrifice others to save yourself? The String certainly made me think about what I would do and it made me very grateful that I myself wasn't forced to play!

I received a complimentary copy from Revell and I am voluntarily sharing my honest thoughts in this review.


Caleb Breakey and his wife spent their wedding money on 52 books about writing fiction. Then, for years, he spent his days off penning stories for 16 hours straight. He loves fiction because they teach without a lecture, inspire without a speech, and entertain without any props.

Along with being an ECPA Award finalist and a winner of the prestigious Genesis Contest for fiction writers, Caleb is also the Founder of Sermon To Book and Speak It To Book, the premier ghostwriting agencies for faith-filled thought leaders.

Caleb writes in the beautiful Pacific Northwest alongside his wife, Brittney, and enjoys visits from two mischievous mini huskies and a smiley Shiba Inu.

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