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Saturday, August 17, 2019

When Mountains Sing (The Mosaic Collection) by Stacy Monson

When Mountains Sing (The Mosaic Collection)ABOUT THE BOOK

When the truth cost her everything, she thought there was nothing left to lose.

Mikayla Gordon loves nothing more than sleeping under the stars, reeling in the “big one,” and long hikes in the wilderness. A medical crisis reveals a 30-year-old secret that turns everything she’s known and believed upside down, unraveling her dreams and her identity.

In search of answers, she follows a trail from Minnesota to Colorado and discovers more unwelcome secrets even as she falls in love with the majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains, and a wilderness camp leader who shares the greatest secret of all.

Knowing her life can never go back to what it was, she must make decisions that will impact far more than just her future.


When Mountains Sing by Stacy Monson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Apparently being able to bake an apple pie was a sign of happiness as well as a domestic achievement. As usual, she fell short in that department. But she could filet a fish better than Dad and start a fire with a couple of fires and a stick. Not exactly domestic but good skills to have.

This observation from Mikayla Gordon offers a glimpse of her relationship with her mother and father. She feels that she can't live up to her mother's expectations and her greatest memories involve being outdoors with her dad as she was growing up. And then, her life is turned upside down with a medical diagnosis that challenges everything she has ever known or believed. As she searches for information about her family's health history, she discovers a secret that leaves her floundering.  And suddenty she finds herself trying to find her new identity, her 'new normal'.

Author Stacy Monson has created some great characters and intriguing situations in When Mountains Sing. Mikayla is independent and a lover of nature; Dawson Dunne is a wonderful example of a Christian putting his beliefs into action as he offers young people adventure and instruction at Outlook True Adventure Camp; and there is even a lovable dog named Lula, who is the perfect reminder that size doesn't determine bravery! As I read the story I could feel Mikayla's pain and uncertainty, her hurt and anger, and I wondered how I would have reacted to such a devastating life change. I rode along with her and Lula on the trip from Minnesota to try to find answers in Colorado and it is there that a very wise person tells her that if she can hear the mountains sing, she will know that God is singing over her.  I cried as I read the messages of encouragement that her father sent her as her journey continued. I loved that several people prayed for her and I rejoiced as she began to build her own relationship with God and finally able to accept "her new normal".

When Mountains Sing is a Christian contemporary novel and it shares so many faith messages.  Mikayla's search for her true identity reminded me that love and family does not depend on blood ties. Her determination to find a certain person might be compared to the determination of our Heavenly Father as he works to draw us closer to Him. And the forgiveness that she had to find was just an inkling of the forgiveness that we are granted each and everyday!

This is the first book of My Father's House series  that is part of the new Mosaic Collection and I am so glad that I was able to read it. It is also my first Stacy Monson book and I will certainly look for more of her books!

I received a complimentary digital copy of this book and I am voluntarily sharing my thoughts in this review.


Stacy Monson writes stories that show an extraordinary God at work in ordinary life. A member of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers), she is the past president of MN-NICE, and serves as the ACFW area coordinator for Minnesota. Residing in the Twin Cities, she is the wife of a juggling, unicycling physical education teacher, mom to two amazing kids and two wonderful in-law kids, and a very proud grandma of 2.5 grandkids

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  1. What an amazing review, Connie! Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I'm excited to get Lindy's story finished to continue the Gordon family's search for truth and identity.

    1. Thank you Stacy for you kind words. I will look forward to reading more of the Gordon family's story!