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Saturday, December 14, 2019

31 Days of Celebration - KJV: Making Much of Jesus Christ this Christmas Season by Sarah L. Roberts


This simple 39 page devotional is designed to help you find ways to help keep Christ the focus of your family this Christmas season.

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"Dear Jesus, thank You for creating the universe and everthing in it". This is the first page of a new book by Sarah L. Roberts and it is meant to be read on December 1 and continued through the next  thirty days in December. 31 Days of Celebration is the perfect book for this season! The colored illustrations are gorgeous and each of the thirty-one entries  is devoted to a different Bible selection from the King James Version of the Holy Bible. You will Breathe in God's Truth as you read each day's scripture and  other suggested verses that pertain to it.  There is also a question or prompt to help you ponder God's Word further and then you can Breathe Out Your Responses and write them down in the space that is provided. I especially love that each day's reading begins with "Dear Jesus, thank you for....

The commercialization of Christmas by our society has left some children with no concept of the 'reason for the season'.  With this book, Sarah L. Roberts helps us to return to its true meaning. In the days before December 25th, during this season of Advent, we need to prepare our hearts for His coming and make sure that our children understand that God sent His Son in human form as the newborn baby Jesus Christ.  And then, on December 25th, we can thank Jesus for giving Himself as our gift and continue to praise him as the New Year approaches.

As a bonus Roberts also shares 36 beautiful ornaments with names and symbols that refer to Jesus and His birth. This is another opporunity for family time and I am looking forward to using them to decorate a small Advent tree with my young granddaughter.

This is the perfect devotional if  you are wanting to keep CHRIST in Christmas and you desire to create quality worship time with your loved ones,  Reading and discussing 31 Days of Celebration as a family will create precious and lasting memories and help  to "make much about Jesus Christ this Christmas Season."

I received a PDF copy of this book for review purposes but was in no way coerced to write a positive review. These are my own thoughts.

5 Stars for this beautiful book!

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You can find more printable ornament designs with suggestions for additional uses at Etsy.com.

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