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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Gus Loses His Grip: When You Want Something Too Much by David A. Powlison, editor

Gus Loses His Grip: When You Want Something Too Much (Good News for Little Hearts Series)ABOUT THE BOOK

Gus, a raccoon who loves all things sweet, learns what happens when you want something too much. After Gus gets caught taking candy from the store, Papa reminds him that temptation might be strong for us, but it's not too strong for Jesus. Both Gus and Papa can ask Jesus for help when they want something too much.


This is another great children's book from New Growth Press that not only entertains but also teaches Godly principles. Gus Loses His Grip is the story of Gus the raccoon and his love for anything sweet. Candy, fruit, you name it..."Gus loved sweets. He loved everything sweet!" Soon, Gus finds himself hiding candy, lying, and eventually stealing to satisfy his sweet tooth. When Papa raccoon talks to Gus about letting his love of sweets cause him to do wrong, he soon realizes that he himself has been guilty of coveting fishing equipment and that this is very wrong also.

Children will love the colorful illustrations as they observe the raccoon family involved in the same daily activities as humans, such as fishing, Easter egg hunts, and picking berries. They will also learn that everyone is tempted by sin and that there are many different ways to sin, but we can always ask Jesus Christ to help us with those temptations.

This is a great book for children and adults to read together and there is also an added parent's guide in the back to help in further discussion. I highly recommend this book.

I received a complimentary copy from New Growth Press but I wasn't required to write a positive review. These are my own opinions.

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