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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Faith's Journey by Heather Greer: Review & Giveaway

About the Book

Book: Faith’s Journey
Author: Heather Greer
Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance
Release Date: February, 2018

Sometimes it’s the unexpected path that leads you on your journey back to faith. Katie McGowan left her parents and their faith behind years ago. However, when faced with a devastating betrayal, Katie is ready to go back to Carbondale, Illinois to help her elderly parents despite their tempestuous relationship. Drained by the constant friction, Katie finds emotional support and encouragement in Austin. His practical, simple faith speaks to Katie, and she finds herself yearning for a new connection to God. As their friendship grows, so does the attraction between Katie and Austin. 

Before her fledgling faith and thoughts of romance have a chance to take root, Katie’s cheating fiancé returns, remorseful and promising change. Can her tentative faith strengthen their past love? And if her heart breaks again, will Katie’s journey to faith end before it has really begun?

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This is a story that many adult readers will fully understand. Being hurt by the betrayal of the person you love, returning home to help your aging parents and realizing that the parent/child dynamics are now very different, and recognizing that you have drifted away from the faith that you once possessed. A journey of discovery is what Katie McGowan must take as she realizes that the man that she has loved for six years has betrayed her and that she, in turn, has betrayed the One who has loved her all of her life. As she struggles to help her parents and adapt to living once again in her hometown, she finds friendship with Austin, the young minister who also owns the town bakery, and it is then that her return to faith begins. As she attends church services she begins to experience the joy and comfort that a personal relationship with God can offer but then.... Katie's former fiance comes for her and she finds herself torn. Jacob says that he has changed. Should she throw away the six years they shared together? If she resumes their life together, will she be be risking her renewed relationship with God?

Faith's Journey shows how a loved one's betrayal can forever change a life. It is also a reminder that trust may be misplaced. Do we trust people who don't deserve our allegiance and is it possible to trust too much? And why, even though we profess our love for our Heavenly Father, do we fail to give Him our complete and unfailing trust?

Author Heather Greer has written an enjoyable read with a message for us all. Katie admits that "I had been seeking God's purpose without seeking God himself. I realized only when I got to know God would I start seeing Him taking me where I needed to be." I recommend Faith's Journey to all who enjoy Christian contemporary romance.

I received a copy of this book from the author and Celebrate Lit. I am volunatarily sharing my thoughts in this honest review.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

About the  Author

Heather Greer is a pastor’s kid and pastor’s wife from southern Illinois. Though her nest is quickly approaching the empty stage, with three of her four children out on their own, she enjoys the times she gets to spend with all her children, husband, and grandson. Equal mix geek and romantic, you could as easily find Heather watching an episode of Doctor Who as the latest Hallmark movie. Of course, you may find her baking, reading, or crafting too! Heather’s writing and teaching ministries revolve around a passion to see believers grow in their faith. Though God has used her most often with teens and adults, she has worked in ministries reaching all age groups through the years. It is Heather’s prayer for God to use what she writes in her books and on her blog to challenge and encourage readers in their faith walks.  

More from Heather

What happens when a person raised in church begins to see the failure of those within the church to live their faith every day instead of on Sunday morning? Often, the truths of scripture are pushed aside in favor of blanket statements like “churches are full of hypocrites” and “I don’t want to follow a God whose people are like that”. In frustration, they walk out the church doors in frustration. Sometimes they walk out with their beliefs intact, but other times faith gets left in the pew they vacate.

That’s what happened to Katie in Faith’s Journey. And when she left home for college disappointed with the people in the church she was raised in and at odds with her mother, it was all too easy to listen to the voices in her life telling her religion and God made no difference in life.  Deciding she knew better than anyone what her life should be, Katie makes her own decisions without considering the God she left behind.

It takes a return home for Katie to start realizing there may be more to God than the people in the pews. Maybe she was quick to see the failures of others to live their faith but slow to see her own problems with the same issue. And maybe it’s time to acknowledge that regardless of how others are living out their faith, God has plans for her and desires a relationship with her that defines who she is every day.

While the original idea that sparked Faith’s Journey was what happens when someone you love betrays you, I quickly realized Katie’s story was more than that. In a sense, the first betrayal she needed to face wasn’t the one with her boyfriend. It was the perceived betrayal by those in the church who failed to live faith outside the church walls. It’s a feeling I believe many Christians have to face since there isn’t a perfect person in any pew.

I pray Faith’s Journey may be an encouragement and give a new perspective to those who currently struggle with the idea of church. And I hope it’s also a challenge to those of us faithfully in the pews each week to make our time there about more than religion or habit. I pray Faith’s Journey challenges us to evaluate the depth of relationship with have with God and let Him change the way we live every day, not just on Sunday.

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