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Monday, February 21, 2022

Love At Last by Michelle Helen Fritz & E.A. Shanniak: Review & Giveaway with #HFVBT Blog Tours

Love at Last by Michelle Helen Fritz & E.A. Shanniak

Publication Date: February 14, 2022

Genre: Regency Romance
Series: Bramley Hall Regency Romance, Book One

As the Parson’s daughter, Mariah Morten has spent much of her life inside the stone walls of Bramley Hall. Before tragedy struck, she had fond childhood memories made alongside her two brothers and the Earl’s son: Harrison Pembroke.

Years later, she has done her best to ignore the yearning of past memories and futile dreams of becoming the next countess. If only she could secure her own happiness and let her heart have it’s one true desire.

Harrison Pembroke is the seventh Earl of Bramley. He’s spent the last four years trying to reconcile his heart after being jilted so that he can focus his energy on those under his care. Except no matter how much he wishes to keep his walls up, the draw he feels toward a certain set of sparkling sapphire eyes can’t be ignored.

An invitation arrives, sweeping Mariah and Harrison into the midst of balls, soirees, family meddling, and one memorable night under the stars. Will outside forces keep them separated forever, or will their own wants persevere allowing them to find Love At Last?

Love At Last is a clean Regency Romance and the first book in a three-story series that will entertain and delight you with its swoon-worthy heroes and the compelling leading ladies that capture their hearts. Each book can be read as a standalone, but are best read in release order.


Love was a wondrous thing, but would she always be so unhappy? Would there always be something or someone to make her cry? Were the few minutes of joy worth a lifetime of uncertainty? Would she always question her place in Harrison's world if she chose him forevermore? And more importantly, was there a force already set in motion against them?

All of us Regency fiction fans have just been given a gift! Authors Michelle Helen Fritz and E.A. Shanniak have written a story that hints at the promise of happily-ever-after for Mariah Morton and Harrison Pembroke. Mariah dreams of a life with her childhood friend but she knows that a Parson's daughter is not of the same class as an Earl. How can she ever hope to win a nobleman's heart, especially one that is still tender and bruised from a previous failed relationship? It soon becomes apparent that unassuming Mariah and hesitant Harrison are perfect for each other but there are so many hurdles to overcome.  Is it possible that this unlikely pair can ever create a life together?

Love at Last is truly a delightful story. Romance lovers will enjoy the sweet, but powerful chemistry between Mariah and Harrison, and the elegant parties and events at the beautiful Bramley Hall are exactly what we associate with the Regency era. There's also the ever-present reminder that keeping to one's social class was of the greatest importance. Exactly what we've come to expect in Regency fiction!

Likeable characters, thrilling romance, and a beautiful setting make this a great way to spend an afternoon. I recommend Love at Last to all who enjoy Regency romance, and I look forward to more Bramley Hall Regency Romance novels.

I received a copy of this book from the authors via Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours. There was no obligation for a positive review. These are my own thoughts. 

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

About the Authors

Michelle Helen Fritz was born and raised in Maryland and Arizona with lots of traveling throughout the States. She began her literary career as a personal assistant to Indie authors and loves to see the process of an idea turn into a finished book. Michelle loves to write about dashing heroes, and the compelling women that tempt them, with a dash of intrigue, an abundant amount of romance, and scenes that hopefully make her reader’s swoon. She is the mother of four children whom she homeschools and currently resides in Maryland with her own jaunty hero who makes all of her dreams come true.

Author Facebook Page | Twitter | Instagram

E.A. (Ericka Ashlee) Shanniak is the author of the successful fantasy romance series – A Castre World Novel. She is hobbit-sized, barely reaching over five feet tall on a good day. When she wears her Georgia Romeo’s not only does she gain an inch, she is then able to reach the kitchen cabinets. Ericka loves to write at her desk that her daughter’s cat destroyed. Fortunately for everyone, she can see over it.

Ericka resides in the small town of Coldwater, Kansas with her husband, two kids, two dogs and two grumpy cats. The cats were her kids’ idea.

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Love at Last

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