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Friday, February 11, 2022

Made for Eden: Promises and Provisions of the Life God Created You to Live by Bryan McIntosh: Review & Giveaway

I'm thrilled have the chance to read and review this book, and then, share a copy with one of you. Please leave a comment at the bottom of this post for a chance to win Made for Eden!


What does being a Christian mean?

In Made for Eden, Dr. Bryan McIntosh shares from the heart of a pastor and his marketplace ministry about learning to walk closer with Father God and encourage readers that indeed we were made for more, but it starts now....here on earth. 

We don't have to wait for the life God has designed us to have one day. Being a Christian means so much more. Made for Eden is a journey that tells the story of God's infinite love for His highest creation, starting in Genesis in the Garden of Eden, and ending in Revelation, with a garden on the new earth. Both contain a tree of life. Many people believe we have to endure this life to someday have a good life. But Jesus came for us to have an abundant life now and in the life to come. We were made for Eden and we can know it more fully now than we thought possible.    

This narrative study explores the identities of child, ambassador, and saint within a believer's life and:

  • Reminds readers of the glorious purpose God has for mankind.
  • Reveals the implications of Jesus's sacrifice for us.
  • Defines the crucified life Jesus produces in and for his disciples.
  • Displays Jesus as the gateway to restoring us to our created purpose.

We learn in Genesis, the first book of the Holy Bible, about the amazing Tree of Life that was in the beautiful garden that Adam and Eve were privileged to live in. We also learn about the disobedience that soon followed, and it was this first sin that resulted in mankind being separated from God. It was the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ that erased that separation, and we know that His sacrifice assured believers an eternal home in Heaven. In this new book, Made for Eden, Dr. Bryan McIntosh asserts that we don't have to wait for death to live a life like Eden! We can have an abundant life until we attain that ultimate goal! In this new book, he proves his point over and over again, by sharing encouragement, descriptive illustrations, and an abundance of scriptural references that support his theories. He also reminds us that the last book of the Bible also speaks of a tree of life. Revelation 22 tells us of a garden on the new earth, and in it is a tree of life!

Made for Eden has twelve chapters filled with nuggets of wisdom, and there are also sixteen pages of Endnotes. Some of the chapter titles include 

  • Made for Eden
  • Stewards of Eden: What Creation Says About Our Purpose
  • Eden Fulfilled: Christ in Us
  • Eden's Victory: Ambassadors of a New Life
  • Skeptics of Eden: The Question of Suffering and Evil
  • Eden Restored
There are so many wonderful observations, and some that I've highlighted are

'The answer to overcoming sin is not to deny all desire. Rather, the answer is in fulfilling our desires the way God designed. It's going to require turning away from the world and its ways, and turning toward God, to get back the life we were built for.'

'In place of a need to be deserving of Eden, Jesus is looking for those full of faith, ready to "drop their nets" and follow Him back to the Father.'

'The fact that the Bible begins and ends with a tree may be God's purpose will prevail no matter the actions of mankind.'

'The decision facing each of us is whose will we choose to follow. The first Adam chose in the Garden of Eden "not your will but mine." The second Adam, Jesus, chose in Gethsemane "not my will, but yours, Father."'

I'm always eager to increase my knowledge and understanding, so I'm thrilled to find this fantastic resource. Check out Made for Eden!

I received a complimentary copy from BlogAbout Blogger Network. There was no obligation for a positive review. These are my own thoughts.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Bryan McIntosh is a 1992 graduate of Duke University with a BA in public policy and political science. He received a master of divinity from Columbia International University and a PhD in New Testament from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, with concentrations in New Testament language, literature, and theology. Bryan has served as an adjunct professor of Greek at Boyce College.

He now resides in Georgia with his wife of 27 years and two adult daughters. In his free time he likes to hike, explore new mountains and lakes, and enjoys sunsets and moments with his family and friends at the beach.

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